Spring Crafts for Kids

Spring Crafts For Kids

Spring crafts for kids 2


My daughter has a crafting gene and is always on the lookout for craft projects she can create. With the weather changing she is into thing with bright colors and relevant to the nice Spring weather. We were recently at the Dollar Tree and she was browsing in the craft section when she came up with the idea to create this Spring Crafts for Kids Door Sign. The best part is it costs under $5 to make so it is very inexpensive to make and it brightened up her bedroom door perfect to help wait for Spring to blossom up from under winter weary plants. 

Spring Crafts for Kids Door Sign

Spring Crafts for Kids


What You Will Need


  • Foam Sign (If you can’t find the sign size you can always buy a larger size foam board and cut it down)
  • 1 bouquet of artificial flowers
  • Paint set (you could also opt for markers or not at all if your child won’t use them)
  • Wall Stickers (There are 3 pictured because we created extras for gifts)
  • Hot Glue Gun or Tacky Glue


Spring Crafts for Kids 3


  • Lay Foam Sign down and decide where flowers will go so you don’t place stickers there and end up covering them up.
  • Carefully peel off stickers and place them on foam. Be careful to smooth the out so they stick to foam.
  • Place stickers in places that you like.
  • Once you are done layout flowers again and glue to the foam.
  • If you are going to pain or decorate with marker, do so now.
  • Let dry and then you are ready to hang.

These were so simple to make I am thinking of making a few for around the house to use for the following uses:

  • Schoolwork in Progress
  • Dishwasher Clean/Dishwasher Dirty
  • Baby Sleeping Sign
  • NO TV until Chores are Done!
  • Gone Running!
  • Is Your Room Clean?
  • What would you make on your sign??

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