Sports Bras Contest

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I know we all need a new sports bra and champion makes the best ones!

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  1. Jennifer Appleton says

    I would wear these to e gym… New workout clothes always motivate me to go workout! Especially to Zumba :)

  2. Lucy Sinker says

    where ever i could. i lov ethe way sports bras feel. comfy but with support. geting on the treadmill will work too.

  3. Krissie M says

    Could definitely use a new sports bra. Chasing around 6 cats and walking with 3 dogs can take a toll on the cheaper brands!

  4. Debbie Ellis says

    I would love this for my Grand daughter she loves sports bras. She would take it to school and then out side to play and of course sports, especially basketball.

  5. sandy weinstein says

    i would take my sports bra running in my fields w/ me….or riding my lawn tractor to mow 8 acres

  6. Chrystal S says

    To the gym and yoga!!! I can count the number of times my shirt ends up over my boobs in yoga -_- not cool with a normal bra at all!

  7. Vicki S says

    I’m sorry please delete my previous comment under the name “Vee”

    To the gym, on the cardio machines!

  8. CarI M says

    I would actually give it to my daughter who really needs new sports bras! She plays water polo & volleyball and is always training for the next season! ;).

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