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I have a couple of ad spaces to sell! I NEVER EVER sell these spaces for less than $125- $150 a month  and the customer has to sign up for a year.I am willing to sell these spaces for $50 each for 30 days in order to purchase a TV for my son’s 2/3rd grade classroom. The teacher has a program that would we best shown on TV since a computer screen is limited in size. I would like to offer you the opportunity to fill a space for $50.. First come first serve I have 6 available.

Facts Madame Deals

We are a paged ranked 4 site

We reach 50,000 people daily

We have an US Alexa Rating of  6,600

This site feeds to lifetimemoms.com


You will receive one 125×125 ad space placement is based on payment received. You will also be thanked in a post. Your ad will appear for 30 days on the madamedeals.com home page below the fold.

You can help me provide this for my child’s school… pay it forward and advertise at the same time!
email me at [email protected] subject AD space…

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