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The Limoge box was created a long time ago by skilled artists in France. They are still created with the same attention to detail and they have the same wide spread appeal that they did when they came out in the 1700’s. The French Limoges porcelain hinged boxes appeared in the early 19th century and soon became a collectible item. I have always thought Limoge boxes were amazing. I imagine they could be used to house tiny treasures or they could be placed in an amazing collection. They are the perfect size for an engagement ring, first tooth, or first strand of hair. The level of detail and diversity of designs is astounding.  The Limoges site I was asked to review had several items in each price range. It was easy to see why these special boxes are still collectible hundreds of years after their creation.


I think every little girl is given a musical box. I had one that was a dancing ballerina. It play a wonderful melodic song that I can still hum. It is unfortunate that I no longer have this wonderful box. I am sure that the craftsmanship would pale in comparison to the Sorrento Music Boxes available on the website.T hey are created by hand. That means each one is unique and a work of art. The are made out of  several wood varieties and are hand cut and assembled in a jig saw like manner.

The beauty of these musical boxes are enhanced by the precision musical movement instruments made in Switzerland. The musical instruments will provide for years of enjoyment. The music and design of these special boxes will hold a lot more than the jewelry they are intended for. The time and effort taken to pick out such a wonderful gift will be remembered long after the special event has passed. This easy to navigate site will bring you to a gift a loved one will remember for a life time.



This is a paid review. The opinions are mine.

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