Spanx Bathing Suits-Save 60%!

Who knew Spanx made bathing suits? I certainly didn’t!  You will want to run to this sale!

Zulily has Spanx Bathing on sale and you can save up to 60%!

There are several colors and styles and the sale even includeds exercise clothing to get you in better shape for the bathing suits!

Sara Blakely had a genius idea—footless pantyhose—and $5,000. Seeing a need for a product that didn’t exist, Sara persuaded a factory in North Carolina to make the prototype, wrote her own patent, came up with a clever name, put illustrations on a hosiery package (a first!) and revitalized an entire industry.

You’ll need to sign up with Zulily to shop this sale but it’s free and only takes seconds!

Hurry and don’t miss your chance to save big $$ on Spanx bathing suits!

Do not forget to shop with us!
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