Solution How to Get FREE Items that Requires a Credit Card

I get this question often as many don’t want to put bank information into a website to get a freebie — I don’t blame you as you really can’t be caution enough when it comes to your money.

There is a solution to this though! I actually have two prepaid cards, one that I use regularly (including having direct deposits on it) and one that I just leave empty so that I have a card to enter for those freebies that will “verify my identity” but I don’t need to worry about any oddball charge. I have never actually had anyone try to charge anything to that card but I like having the reassurance that even if they did, they wouldn’t get a penny!

If you want to get one of these, you can sign up here FREE and you will get the card in the mail — this is an official Bank website and you get a card with your name on it and everything. You can use it for just freebies and keep it empty or if you need bank card, you can set it up for direct deposits (when you get your first direct deposit you will get a $25 bonus too by the way!).

Either way, I recommend having one of these on hand! Sign up here and it comes in the mail within a week or two.

Please note — leave the card EMPTY to avoid ever getting a monthly fee — if you add money to the account, you do get a monthly fee (unless you use direct deposit and deposit $2500+ a month on it).

Thanks Wheel N Deal Mama!

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