SoBe® Lifewater® at Dollar General: Get Your BOGO Coupon!

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Everyone says water is good for you.  But what if you just don’t like the taste of plain old water?  A few years ago, I was introduced to SoBe® Lifewater®.  It was a fluke.  I’m a couponer and there were Buy One Get One Free coupons for SoBe® Lifewater® all over the internet.  I snatched up and printed as many as I could find.  I scoured the ads and over the course of a few months was able to grow my stockpile of these tasty flavored waters for as little as no money out of pocket.  Then there was a lull in the available coupons.  My stockpile dwindled and I still found myself opting for SoBe® Lifewater® over just plain water.

The good news is, the Buy One Get One coupon is back!  Along with the coupon, SoBe® Lifewater® has introduced new refreshing flavors such as Fuji Apple Pear, Pomegranate Cherry, and Black and Blue Berry.

It’s easy to get this coupon and even easier to use it at Dollar General.  Click on the link and then share with your friends.  After that, head out to your local Dollar General to replenish your stockpile.

What flavors will you be trying?  I’ve always been partial to “pink” and “red” waters so my inclination will be to pick up a few of the Pomegranate Cherry flavored waters.  Of course, it’s not always “all about me” so I’ll be buying at least a few of the “blue” waters which are always my kids’ favorites!

Let us know what flavors you love and which new ones you’ll be trying with your BOGO coupon!

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