Spread a Little Sunshine this Winter Smuckers Jam Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a post written by me on behalf of Smucker’s it is a sponsored post but the ideas and opinions and the fun I had doing it all belong to me. I am part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.

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“Spread a Little Sunshine this Winter” with the help of Smucker’s® Natural Fruit Spreads.

recipes with jelly

Let’s face it we have had more weather delays, snow days, and cold weather this year than last year. I have three kids and they are bouncing off the walls. I came up with the idea to throw a party using the Smucker’s® Natural Fruit Spreads. We all like to “cook” by making recipes with jelly so I came up with a couple of kid friendly recipes with the jelly  that really did put the sunshine back into our lives.

 Then we had a great time taking pictures of the what we made so we can share it with you. I know it sounds funny that my children like goat cheese with the Smucker’s® Natural Fruit Spreads but they do. They helped me go into the refrigerator and create two different recipes. We had a blast trying all the flavors. I wasn’t at all upset that they were eating by the spoonful considering the Smucker’s® Natural Fruit Spreads: is made with ingredients from natural sources, They do not have preservatives . They are naturally delicious and use  real sugar.

We were happy that we got to sample all of the flavors:  Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Orange Marmalade and Concord Grape and this is what we came up with be mindful my home chefs are between 3-9 so I just let them make up the recipes. This is an easy way to get your children cooking by creating recipes kids can make. They really enjoyed eating and making the recipes with jelly as they call it I am more refined and call them recipes A’ la Smucker’s® Natural Fruit Spreads: spoken in a French accent to match our cafe like setting! Half the fun is really creating a memory.

Recipe 1

Concord Grape Smucker’s® Natural Fruit Spreads on toast, the Executive Chef on this project was my son the youngest.

recipes with jelly

Recipe #2

Ginger Snaps, Goat Cheese  and the Orange Marmalade Smucker’s  Natural Fruit Spread, made by executive chef Mommy served best with tea.

recipes with jelly

Recipe #3

Toasted Goat Cheese Sandwich with Raspberry Smucker’s Natural Fruit Spread, Executive Chef my oldest son.

recipes with jelly

Recipe #4

White Chocolate coated crackers with Strawberry Smucker’s Natural Fruit Spread in between. The addition of icing and candy hearts was created by my daughter the Executive Chef.

Recipe with jelly

Smucker’s® Natural Fruit Spreads:

  • Made with ingredients from natural sources
  • No preservatives and naturally delicious
  • Made with real sugar
  • Available in four delicious fruit flavors – Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Orange Marmalade and Concord Grape

A Smucker’s Pairing is a simple uniting of unique and/or traditional ingredients with fruit spreads as the star that are easy for any home cook to create and have a wow factor!


Smuckers Jam Giveaway

Here’s a treat for all of you! Our family love Smucker’s® Natural Fruit Spreads so much and we want you to try it too so we’re giving away an awesome prize package.

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Smucker Jam Giveaway starts 2/9/14 and ends on 2/17/14 at 11:59pm EST.

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  1. Janet W. says

    My favorite is the Strawberry flavor and I love to spread it on a bacon biscuit. It gives it a great flavor and is so fresh tasting!

  2. nicole says

    since smuckers took over knotts, this is as close to the knotts berry farm recipes as you can get, that arent being made any more!

  3. heather eg kaufman says

    White Chocolate coated crackers with Strawberry Smucker’s Natural Fruit Spread in between sounds yummy. I love strawberry & white chocolate!

  4. Vicki Wurgler says

    I like the raspberry fruit spread because it tastes like fresh raspberries, I have a holiday cookie that uses it and my family loves it

  5. Jessie C. says

    Strawberry Smucker’s Natural Fruit Spread reminds me all the fun time making sandwiches my sisters and I had. Recipe #4 has my vote.

  6. Sarah Hall says

    I like the Red Raspberry because it’s not the run of the mill regular fruit spread. It’s great for Thumbprint cookies.

  7. Linda Kish says

    Toasted Goat Cheese Sandwich with Raspberry Smucker’s Natural Fruit Spread sounds quite tasty. That’s my winner.

  8. Debbie Jackson says

    My favorite jam and recipe are the red raspberry jam and I use it in my raspberry almond cheesecake recipel.

  9. Laura J says

    Oh my favorite flavor is the strawberry!!! I guess I dont have any recipes to make using them, but I would love to make your recipe #4 White Chocolate coated crackers with Strawberry Smucker’s Natural Fruit Spread in between! Oh those look amazing!!!

  10. Jacob LaFountaine says

    Red raspberry spread would be the best. I’m a simple person. I would go with recipe 1. toast is best with a bit of spread and nothing else

  11. Vickie V says

    Love them all..but, if I must pick one..it would be orange marmalade…I love citrus fruit the best of all fruit..and, imo, marmalade’s are not quite as sweet..plus it is so versatile..to use on toast/bagels or in savory recipes like meatballs, ribs and pulled southern BBQ..thanks so much…great giveaway…pretty new to your site/blog..love it!

  12. Andrea Williams says

    Recipe #4 looks like a lot of fun and I think that it was loved by all! 🙂 Chocolate and strawberries were made to go together.

  13. Pat Walker Pinkston says

    Actually, I like all the flavors, but my favorite has to be strawberry. Like to layer with vanilla yogurt and strawberry fruit spread. Sprinkle with a spoonful of granola for a homemade parfait.

  14. Eloise C says

    Red Raspberry is my favorite and I would love to try Recipe #3 the Toasted Goat Cheese Sandwich with the Raspberry spread. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  15. Danielle F. says

    I like the concord grape spread and recipe #1 is my favorite – it’s simple and a classic and tastes so good.

  16. Carolsue says

    I like the Smucker’s® Sugar Free Blueberry Preserves because it’s sugar free and I love blueberries. I use it as a topping on waffles.

  17. wild orchid says

    My favorite way to use Smuckers is on top of a bagel with cream cheese. I especially love strawberry! The flavor combo is sooo good.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  18. Carol w says

    I love raspberry. I use raspberry jelly when I am making thumbprint cookies or sandwich cookies. It is my favorite and I will put it on anything!!! thanks

  19. Lynn says

    I haven’t bought or ate jam in quite a long time, i don’t know what to use it on since i dont like it on sandwiches or crackers…. I like the idea in using it for frosting tho… sounds yummy

  20. says

    I love the Smuckers jams and jellies. The Natural line is even better since it doesn’t have any extra ‘un-natural’ ingredients. I thought the recipes were great for the different ages of kids. Thanks for the info and that reminds me, we need to get some more jelly at the store.

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