Smart Wav Miracle system

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I love, love, love this product! I think you will as well. You will need to read my review on Powerful Music and watch the video to enter. You can enter as many times as you make a comment. Good luck and here’s to a good night’s sleep.

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  1. Hailey Frye-Clemons says

    Im deff not strong for the cry it out technique but props to all moms who are! Would love to try this!

  2. jennifer tobin beraducci says

    Its a calming sound machine for baby’s. Maybe that’s why my 21 ur old sister uses it lol.

  3. Jana says

    I know that sounds help babies relax! This post only confirms that.
    This system sounds WONDERFUL, and especially since I have many children in my house, sometimes it’s hard to get my baby to calm down enough to sleep! I would be so grateful to have this in my home.

  4. Maritza Robinson says

    I don’t have kids but I did take care of my brothers kids many times to help them out. This product would have been great instead of putting music I had on my CD’s to put them to sleep.

  5. Keisa Rogers says

    Its great advise how they say to put a cd on in one room until the baby falls asleep and already having the other playing in the room where you are moving the baby too that way the baby does not wake up.

  6. Marthalynn says

    I love that you can play the first cd while the baby is falling asleep and then once he’s asleep, move him to the other room where the second cd is already playing.

  7. Trung Nguyen says

    I learned that music has inherent abilities to aid in your child’s brain development all while they sleep.

  8. Sherri says

    I don’t have kids, but my sister does. What I found interesting is the connection between ADHD and children under the age of two who watch television and videos. I’m not saying that this is the cause of my niece’s diagnosis, but I do remember her watching T.V. when she was just a baby. What a great product!

  9. Kayla Minor says

    I think the key to a baby sleeping is having them where they are comfortable and familiar with.. My youngest daughter would only sleep in her bed and would cry until we put her there.

  10. Ellen S says

    This sounds like a great product. wish it was around when I had my kids. Would make a great baby shower gift now that my younger cousins are having babies of their own.

  11. Debbie Ellis says

    Looks great and sounds like it would have been something I could have used when my kids were small. Hope it works for others.

  12. Tracy Awalt Juliano says

    I learned that they are using these studies with sound and music to try and benefit patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia… which excites me since these diseases are common in my family.

  13. tami s says

    I learned thatyou put baby in one roomwith cd playing. then mov, after asleep, toanotherroom where second cd isalready playing

  14. Sara Logan says

    I learned that the studies are ongoing, but it does seem promising that music is useful in wiring the brain correctly.

  15. lisa l says

    Putting on classical music while students wrote or completed math resulted in more accurate responses. Music soothes the savage beast!! lol

  16. Billie says

    I learned that the CDs aid in children’s brain development while they sleep. I think that’s awesome!

  17. Char W says

    I learned that music can be heard while in the womb and can have an effect on babies to help calm them down.

  18. Michelle Westerfield says

    Music is a powerful learning tool that can help increase accuracy in students and even help them learn while sleeping.

  19. brenda c says

    The music also has other inherent abilities to aid in your child’s brain development all while they sleep… very interesting

  20. Jennifer Hiles says

    Every mom should be given one of these when they leave the hospital! Just start including it in the insurance! I learned that babies are used to low frequency sounds from being in the womb. I’m so sleep deprived, I would love to have this.

  21. Cynthia R says

    i learned about benefis like calming and getting a baby to sleep. my sis is pregnant and can use this product

  22. says

    It is so true that “sleeping when the baby sleeps” doesnt ever work! It just made me more exhausted. I wouldnt be able to go a night without sleep anymore as i am going to college now. I still can barely form full coherent sentences haha! But I guess I should say i still am not getting more than 4-5 hours a night as i have a daughter, who is turning one tommorow YAY, and am attending college.

  23. Jude Skocki Kelly says

    I have always believed in the power of sound/music. I am so glad that someone is putting this into reality for our children.

  24. Amanda Herren says

    I learned that music can help a child with A.D.D and music has other inherent abilities to aid in the development of your childs brain as well as a baby can hear music while still in the womb…so cool!!!
    My uncle and his girlfriend are expecting and would love to win this for them!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  25. Jessica sheffield says

    I learned that this could possibly help my best friend with her baby who se sleep cycle is messed up! Calming them both down to relax together sounds great. And to Angela about it not working – faith and trying different things is the only way to find out… different things work for different people. Space Jam soundtrack worked for my little sister lol.

  26. Maria B. says

    great info.
    after reading your article & watching the movie, i forward this to my brother. he will love this.


  27. Caitlin McClure says

    I learned the music also has abilities to aid in your child’s brain development while they sleep!

  28. sarah davis says

    i learned that the two discs allow for a seamless transition to a deep sleep
    sarah at

  29. carolynn ferraro-king says

    seems like this can help alot of parents out who have babies who have trouble with their sleeing habits

  30. LeaAnna Gray says

    I truly wish they had this research out there years ago when my now 6 year old was an infant. I followed all the advice and beliefs of Baby Einstein dvd’s and educational programming. I worked with him over and over with things regarding teaching him and while he is very smart for his age now he does in fact have ADHD and trouble focusing at home and at school.

    I would definitely have bought into this at the time and tried it! Something to think of for the future in case we decide to expand our family some more :).

  31. Patricia says

    We are currently expecting our first little bundle of joy and the Smart Wav Miracle system sounds like what every new mom should have to ensure a good night sleep for both baby and mommy. Happy (and well rested) mommy makes happy baby :)

  32. Sarah M Rainwater says

    I learned that this music also has other inherent abilities to help aid your child’s brain development while they are sleeping.

  33. says

    I left a comment on the Smart Wav review. I like the idea of putting the music on in 2 different rooms for a smooth transition.
    janmessali (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. Biki says

    I’m amazed there is something like this out there and it seems promising that it could calm the baby down enough to sleep and get parents a full night sleep. I have a friend who is expecting and I’m starting to think this will be a much needed item (much less stressful than the cry it out method)

  35. sarah davis says

    i did google plus one to share 4/14 (number 17). comment form in rafflecopter not working! sorry!
    sarah at

  36. says

    1 out of 70 males will develop autism by the time that they are 4. Hopefully this technology will help to prevent this.

    90% of the brain’s wiring happens in the first 5 years


  37. Amanda Culbertson Moutos says

    Music plays a part of our every day lives. It can affect our moods, and the right music can comfort babies. It’s all they know while their in the womb. Sound is part of their lives before birth.

  38. Lauren Ayer says

    The sound system has been proven to calm a baby… wow I need this! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

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