money making mondayHow do you make money using Skype? Well you stop paying for your phone calls.

Our motto is, it isn’t what you save it is what you spend.

If you are no longer paying to make calls then you are making money!

How does it work go HERE

Free calls

It’s what Skype is made for.

Using Skype to call another person who also has Skype is totally free. Yep, absolutely nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

DOES it work?

Well this evening we talked to the grandparents via skype. We both have webcams so they were able to see our cherubs. We were on the phone for about an hours. There were puppet shows, songs, and laughter. What did it cost? ZIP, ZERO, Zilch.

Was it hard to set up? NO!

You can skype without a webcam! It is so much fun to see your family so get  a webcam.  Webcams are about $40 which makes a perfect gift for Father’s day.

1) plug in your webcam into  the USB port of your computer if it isn’t already in your computer

2) Go  Here 

3) Download the software… follow the instructions

4) Tell your friends and family to do the same

YOU ARE READY for your first free call!!!

If you want to pay and change your home phone to skype there are fees but they are soooo CHEAP. Go HERE

There are all sorts of options with Skype. You can get any area code you want for a small fee, you use a handset like the one you use now but you have to buy one that works with skype . They are about  the same price as a nice cordless phone.

Well try it! My family loves it and what a nice way to make memories.  This  picture  is worth a thousand words and it doesn’t even  have to cost a buck!




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