Simple Instapot Swedish Meatballs Recipe


Simple Instapot Swedish Meatballs Recipe

instapot swedish meatballs

As some of you might know from my previous posts, I LOVE my InstapotAnd after this simple Swedish meatballs recipe I am more in love than ever. Swedish Meatballs are a family favorite around here, and while the traditional recipes aren’t too hard, they require multiple pans and some time. But not any longer. Want to know how long it took me to make this? 15 minutes. No seriously, 15 minutes from start to finish. Can it get any cooler than that? I don’t think so. So grab your instant pot and let’s get started!

Here is how to make my simple Instapot Swedish Meatballs Recipe:

instapot swedish meatballs

You Will Need:

  • 2 lbs frozen meatballs of your choice
  • 2 cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • 1 can Beef Broth
  • 1 cup of Milk
  • 10 oz Egg Noodles
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Instructions for making my Simple Instapot Swedish Meatballs Recipe:

swedish meatballs recipe

First, You want to get all your liquids in the pot. Then your noodles, and then your meatballs on top. Stir and add salt and pepper. Set your timer for 12 minutes and lock your lid down.

Then, after your timer has gone off release your pressure and open your lid (away from your face, the steam is HOT). Stir, and serve!

Instapot Swedish Meatballs

Yes you guys, it really is that easy. Pour, lock, cook, and release. The noodles are perfectly tender, the meatballs juicy. And only 1 pot to clean. It’s sure to be a family favorite, and lucky for you it takes no time to cook and little time to clean up. It really is a win-win situation.

I can’t wait to share more Instapot Recipes like this one in the future! Have you checked out my recipes for Intapot Baked Potatoes yet? Another easy recipe you are going to love, promise! Plus, they would be a great side to this Instapot Swedish Meatballs Recipe right? Enjoy!


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  1. Just asking for clarification. Your instructions are very specific on what order to put your ingredients in, but then after putting them in you say to “stir it”.
    Do the frozen meatballs have to stay on top, if yes should you stir it?

    • Also which can to use to measure the milk, the soup can or broth can which are different? I made this recipie tonight and had problems. I did not have enough liquids to create steam to seal the pressure cooker. I used the soup an as the he measurement for the milk and the beef broth as I had a tetra pack of beef broth. Later I read the broth can is 14.5 oz. which is bigger than the soup can.
      Oh well I am still learning, this was my first recipe in the InstaPot

      • David, I don’t think it was you – I too wound up with a mess trying this recipe 1 can = ?? Set the pot to manual, meat, soup? Quick release or slow release? It appears quick release, but if you are going to the trouble to publish a “simple” recipe, you should at least publish complete instructions.
        It also appears they don’t answer any questions in the comments section, so I guess we’ll never know.

  2. Ugh. Should have read the comments first. Due to less liquid, little pressure was created, the noodles are not fully cooked, and the bottom of the pot is now crusted with a layer of stuck on goo.

    When using cans with varying ounces, please be more specific with the ingredients.

  3. Cranky people… ?
    I made this today, while I was working at 911 dispatch. It was easy, and fed the whole crew. Great in my book!