Simple Easter Recipes for Kids: Parfait

Simple Easter Recipes for Kids: Parfait

I have three kids and I try my best to cook recipes that they can make. They are still little so the shorter the project the better. This Simple Easter Recipes for Kids was created by my children. They told me what they wanted to make for dessert and well we made it. I feel like cooking should be self directed and finding recipes that allow for creativity is key. This allows your child to problem solve and apply logical thinking strategies. This recipe is easily adapted for children of all abilities since it involves gathering the materials and combining them as the child sees fit.

simple easter recipe for kids

We started out with as many peep options as possible I mean you need options right?

Simple easter recipes for kids

Simple Easter Recipes for Kids: Parfait

Simple Easter Recipes for Kids: Parfait

This recipe can be altered to use a more child friendly bowl. It can also be adapted to use hand over hand scaffolding if necessary. This is a simple Easter recipe for kids


  • Peeps
  • Vanilla Yogurt
  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate chips or M&Ms
  • Sprinkles


  1. We found a red wine glass not for drinking after you are done but so the children could see their recipe coming together. The you place the peeps around the glass.
  2. The child should then spoon in the yogurt in the center of the bunny peeps.
  3. The next step is to cut strawberries that look like "bunny" ears
  4. Then place the "bunny" ears in the yogurt
  5. Finally place the chocolate candy in the yogurt as the eyes
  6. Then you can apply the sprinkles

I think we were successful in our creation. I know that my daughter had a wonderful time using the items we had gathered to make her special dessert. I have to say she had a heavy hand with the sprinkle but who could blame her it sprinkles.

simple easter recipes for kids


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I encourage you to get in the kitchen with your children and get cooking. You can make up your own simple easter recipes for kids or any theme  really. I find that the best memories I have with my children are the ones involving allowing them to be creative. Check out our cooking with kids series and cook up some love!

Recipes kids can make and memories we can take with us forever series share and inspire others today.

Simple Easter recipe

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  1. Kerry Gillespie says

    How cute is this! Not the season for Easter peeps, but there are some adorable Xmas ones out there in the shape of trees, snowmen, etc. that I might try this with! Thanks for the idea! 🙂

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