Why I shouldn’t talk on the phone and shop



  It is often said, “You can’t do two things at once and be effective.” I am usually quite good at multitasking. I will say there is one place where I always fail. I fail and I am left with my failure until the next year or season in this case.

It was a quiet afternoon and my husband was home from a week away from travel. I did what any woman who needed to claim her sanity does and I fed the kids and kissed my husband and got out of the house. I just needed a break. I was at the place in my life where if another request for me to do something was made I was going to lose it.

I had just cleaned my closet out and I knew I needed a couple of things. Okay, truth be told I do not “need” anything but after the week I had I deserved a break. The week involved three snow days. It isn’t easy being a mom and being a business owner and frankly, I am one of those people that has a lot of energy and then after about two weeks I just need quiet. I also need retail therapy which is why I have a shopping site.

I went into the mall which honestly isn’t all that “awesome” where I live. I believe that is why we still live here my husband is afraid of what would happen if I lived near a “good” mall. I started my journey into shopping after I grabbed a chai because who has time to sit and have a tea?

I then decided it was time to shop and of course I receive a phone call. I took the call and was happily chatting away with my friend. I began to look through the tables to find the item in the coupon since it was free.

We all know I like a good deal but free is better. I picked up my item. I continued to chat on the phone. The lady explained I picked the wrong style. I said, “Just get me the right style in a small.” I then began the frantic search for my keys in my purse which is filled with dolls, snacks, cars, my husband’s sunglasses, a snow hat, one glove, two mismatched socks, and my red lip ink lipstick which I do not leave home without. You should never be without red lipstick. I must have missed the moment when she wrapped my item and placed it in the bag. I didn’t think anything of it until I got home. I went to unwrap my purchase and this is what I found.


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.58.18 PM

  I pulled it out and was confused over what had happened. I realized the young lady must have confused me with someone whose hips hadn’t had children. I am not sure if this even covers the front side. She at least got the part about me going blind right. I would not be able to miss this suckers. These would not get lost in my son’s drawers and my husband would not miss me approaching. (I was going to use a different word for approaching but thought you would get the wrong idea since this is a family friendly blog) I am also not sure if you all remember my experience from last year where I ended up grabbing a pair of pink panties and didn’t realize until my child read them and they said,your boyfriend said hi

The moral of the story is  Victoria’s Secret is “do not talk on your darn phone while in their store”… or you will be punished with “interesting” panties.

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