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Shot@Life 1st Birthday Bash

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Did you know that every 20 seconds a child dies of a disease that could have been prevented, if only they have received the proper vaccine. This is a sad fact and a global problem, that’s why when I was asked to be part of Shot@Life 1st Birthday Bash I immediately said yes. This is an opportunity to raise awareness because every child deserves a shot at a healthy life. To let everyone know that immunization is a must and very important because vaccines can provide the difference between life and death, a healthy life or a lifetime of struggle for these children.

Shot@Life is a campaign of United Nations Foundation which aims to educate, connect and empower Americans to champion vaccines as one of the most cost-effective ways to save the lives of children in developing countries.

In celebration of Shot@Life’s 1st Birthday Bash during World Immunization Week, I’ve been invited to interview and share the achievements and milestones reached throughout their first year by one of their incredible Shot@Life Champion.

MadameDeals’ interviews Trina O’Boyle founder of O’Boy! Organic:

Trina O'Boyle

How did you hear about Shot of Life? 

I had the pleasure of meeting Devi the director of Shot@Life at the Type A Parent Conference last year. I also spent time getting to know champions and staff from Shot@Life at Blogher 2012.

Why have you gotten involved?

I am a believer that as a blogger we have a voice.  We can use that voice to educate others about causes we believe in. My mother is 75 years old and a polio survivor. My mother was cured over 60 years ago when we didn’t have as many medical services as we do today. It amazed me that in 2013 there are still children dying every 20 seconds in developing countries from preventable diseases. This is unnecessary  and unacceptable and others need to know what is happening to innocence children.

Do you have children? Tell me about them. 

I have 2 children, boys – 5 and 7 years old. My husband and I have given our children opportunities to help others by taking them to a soup kitchen, donating unwanted toys and clothes and helping with park clean ups.

When I started with Shot@Life I sat my boys down and showed them the website and some videos that explained the importance of vaccines for children in developing countries. I also had an amazing opportunity to take my oldest son to see the premier of Revolutionary Optimist at the UN Foundation in NYC. He was able to see first hand by meeting the children in the movie of how  determination and self confidence can help you make amazing changes in your community.

Have you vaccinated your children? 

Yes, I do vaccinate my children. I choose to vaccinate on a delayed schedule so that my children are not getting 6 vaccines into their body at one time. This is my personal choice and I feel blessed that I am given a choice when so many mothers are not given one.

Are your children involved in advocating for other children? 

At this point we have not gotten our children involved into advocating for children. I hope that by educating my boys about the needs of other children across the globe it will encourage them to help others in their own creative ways.

What type of business do you have? 

I own O’Boy! Organic. I provide baby food and picky eater cooking classes and kids cooking classes/parties to parents and children in the Philadelphia area.

What steps have you taken through your business to educate people about the flight of Shot Of Life? 

I have only been with Shot@Life for a short time. In the past few months I have written articles about why children in developing countries need a  Shot@Life, and how Charity Miles  is a simple and easy way to donate to Shot@life or your favorite charity. You are never too young to start advocating for your favorite causes like the children in Revolutionary Optimist did.

Have you completed any of the action items suggested by Shot of Life? Calling your Congress member, writing your Congress member or scheduling and attending a meeting. 

During my 3 day visit to Washington DC for Shot@Life I was given the opportunities to meet with members of the Pennsylvania Congress and Senate. We were able to speak with their staff about the importance of global social good and how they could help us give children a Shot@Life.

Why do you personally feel this cause is an important one to devout time and energy to? 

As a mother with two healthy children, living in a country where I can easily get medical attention, vaccines, other medicines when I need them I feel the need to educate others that there are children dying everyday of preventable diseases  I cannot even imagine being a mother of a child that is dying of something that could of been prevented, if only I lived in a different country. As Americans I feel that we take so much for granted, and we need to help others that are not as fortunate as we are.

How have you empowered others to become involved? 

I’ve empowered others by sharing the articles I’ve written as well as important updates from Shot@Life. Doing things like Charity Miles and the Amanda Peet interview gives you a voice because you are sharing with others that doing simple everyday things like – running, walking or biking can help children get the vaccines they need. It costs you nothing but makes a huge difference in someone’s life.
What is your plan if any to spread the message? 

I would like to work with fellow local champions in my local area on Social Good events and a screening of the movie Revolutionary Optimist.
If you had the opportunity to convince others to join the cause what is it that you feel they would take away from the experience?

I would hope that for one, they would realize that we are blessed to have the resources we do here in the United States, and to not take them for granted. As people become involved in Shot@Life they will see just how important it is to share what Shot@Life is doing for children across the globe. By donating a small amount of money, you can make sure that a child gets all the shots they need throughout their lifetime. The willingness to think outside the box, educate and empower others to do social good can not only change the individuals you are helping but change your life as well.


World Immunization Week is on April 24-30, 2013

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