Shoe Organization Ideas

Shoe Organization Ideas

ideas to organize your shoes

  I am a shoe girl. Okay I may in fact be a shoe hoarder. What I do know how to do is organize my shoes. I came up with a great idea for my boots. I have a great pair of  Deborah Frye boots. That I happened to pay a lot of money for and I happen to buy one new pair of Frye boots a year. I knew I had to find a way to keep them off the ground and help them retain their shape. I needed Shoe Organization Ideas so I opened a magazine and found a great idea except it was going to cost me $19.99 a pair of boots. Yikes!

In order to retain their shape I stuff them with hand towels for the seasons that I am not wearing them. Then in the winter I found these great pant hangers at Walmart for I believe $1.97. I simply clip them and hang them in garage. We do not allow shoes in our home so we take off all shoes in the garage.

Shoe Organization Ideas

Shoe Organization Ideas

The next idea we had for our children was buckets. They each have their own color and they just throw their shoes in their bucket. This is just the method that we use for their “play shoes”. The rest of their shoes are on the shelves in the unit that my dad built me after I saw something very similar in a high end catalog for over $1,000. This

The third idea that was also very inexpensive and easy to do. I purchased these shoe racks and then we placed them on the wall of the garage. We organize our shoes by person. We use a  shoe rack home organization system because we just have to many shoes. I am the main contributor but my daughter is a close second.

We implement these  Shoe Organization Ideas:

1) Sort shoes by person

2) Sort Shoes by season

3) Sort Shoe by color

4)Place shoes that you do not wear that season in a storage container and store them

5) Place shoes that tend to get dirty on the bottom of your system like sneakers

6) Place shoes that you do not wear often higher or lower

7) If you chose to keep your shoes in their boxes place a picture on the outside of the box or label the box in marker

8) Make sure to get rid of shoes that do not fit or are not in good repair

9) Establish rules for keeping the shoes organized

10) Check shoes for fit every 3 months

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