Shell and Fuel Rewards Network Review

Shell and Fuel Rewards Network

Shell Fuel Rewards Network

I received a Fuel Rewards Network (or FRN) Card recently and decided to sign up and give it a try. Signing up was easy. Logging into the website was easy and within a few simple steps I was ready to start saving. The Fuel Rewards Network program is a free rewards program that lets you earn rewards on everyday purchases that you can redeem for fuel savings at participating Shell stations. There are multiple ways to save, including shopping online at the FRN Online Mall, dining out at participating restaurant locations, and even making convenience store, car wash or auto services purchases at participating Shell stations. You can earn 10 cents per gallon for every $50 you spend when you dine out by linking up to six credit cards to your Fuel Rewards Network account and using one of those cards when you pay for your meal.. Shopping through the Online Mall will earn you 5 cents per gallon for every $50 spent. We all shop, eat and buy convenience store items at the gas station so why not pick up a Fuel Rewards Network Card and start earning a discount at the pump. It’s simple to get started and it’s easy to earn rewards. Saving money these days is important and with the Fuel Rewards Network program it’s easy. Reviewed by ~ Karla Robey Learn more about Fuel Rewards Network! Check out more MadameDeals Reviews! Check out great holiday shopping ideas, visit our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.


  1. stacey says

    I have had one of these cards since they started the program. Unfortunately there arent many places in our area that I frequent where i can earn the rewards. It almost always has a 3 cent per gallon reward on it just for being a member…3 cents a gallon is better than none especially when you drive a big v8 pick up that hogs gas!!

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