Shark Rocket Review

Shark Rocket Review

Shark Rocket

I am always vacuuming at my house because the floors are constantly dirtied by children, husband and dogs. We have 3 dogs ofour own and are always fostering a dog or two. Then you add 2 cats and there is always dirt, hair, and fur on my floors. I need a vacuum that can keep up with the mess but also is easy to operate and carry from floor to floor. The Shark Rocket Vacuum arrived on a particularly busy day and everyone fought to be the first one to use the Shark Rocket

My Favorite Shark Rocket Features

  • Versatility – Clean the floors or ceiling corners with the detachable wand. You can easily swap out the attachments and clean where ever you need to. I love this feature for when I have to clean the stairs.
  • Swivel Steering– With just a slight flick of your wrist you can steer the Shark Rocket around corners, around chairs, dogs, and even children.
  • Pet Tools — A large portion of what I vacuum up is pet hair and with the pet tool attachments I can get in all the spots I need to.
  • Easy Emptying Dust Cup – There is nothing worse than having to fight with the vacuum to get rid of the dirt but with the Shark Rocket is easy with just the push of one button, the lid flips open and you can empty the contents without removing the container from the vacuum.
  • Long Power Cord– With this cord I can vacuum farther than my previous vacuum and this saves time because I am not having to replug in just to clean the other side of the room.
  • Washable Filters – These save money because there is no buying replacements but it is also an eco-friendly alternative to replaceable filters.
  • Lightweight – This is light enough that even my daughter can carry it floor to floor without straining.

The Shark Rocket is now my vacuum of choice and it tackles all the tough messes that life throws at me. That dirt and dog hair can’t stand a chance against my new Shark Rocket. 

Find more information on the Shark Rocket at Shark Clean. 

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