Share it and Wear it Contest

 The Mavens are at it again! We have a great new giveaway contest for you that is fun and will get your creative juices flowing!

Share It & Wear It! We want to hear what you have to say!

Got a funny, cute, original, crazy, but family friendly slogan you would love to see on a T-shirt? Need some jewerly to go with that T-shirt? Well this is the contest for you!

Entering is simple and can be done as quickly as your brain can operate! Simply make up a slogan to go on a T-shirt, write it in the google document below and that’s it! We will narrow the list down to the top 4 and then our wonderful readers will pick the number 1 winner. That winner will receive jewerly to go with their T-shirt, and the other 3 finalists will get their T-shirts!

Ladies and gentlemen, START THINKING! In case you can’t wait order yours NOW at Vista Print  and if you win I will pay you back.. I can wait to reveal the jewelry to go with the T-Shirt!

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