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Recently, I got to review an awesome window shade from Select BlindsSelect Blinds has generously offered to be our sponsor for our $100 Story this month! Enter on the Rafflecopter below for your chance to Win a $100 Gift Card!
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  1. Daily Woman (Lacey) says

    I like to leave coupons that I don’t need by a product in a store for someone else to use.

  2. Charlotte says

    From now on I will be cutting my neighbor’s yard. He’s just too old to do it anymore. Of course I’m doing this free of charge!

  3. Emilie C says

    I already smile a lot.. but I will continue to do so! 8/10 people dont smile back the the 2/10 that do make me feel better :)

  4. Tara Liebing says

    6.Give extra coupons away, donate items no longer needed or used to someone who can use them
    I always do this when I have extra coupons,I can’t stand watching people pay full price for something when there is a coupon they can use.

  5. jamie braun says

    the one we do the most is donate items no longer needed or used to our local catholic charities

  6. Michelle Washburn says

    I help the seniors and elderly whenever I can buy volunteering at a nursing home in town, so I would say #22

  7. BJ says

    I’m in love with the Disney Princess Cordless Cellular Shades. They would totally fit perfect in my daughter’s Princess themed room!

  8. Gail Williams says

    I try to help the infirm and elderly by tqaking them food, flowers and out to lunch if they are shut ins.

  9. jeanette sheets says

    i would volunteer at a senior citizen home or hospital to help vcare for and cheer the elderly and sick up and show them someone cares

  10. Debbie Ellis says

    They all sound like great ideas, My family adopt a family at Christmas time, and we try and help where ever we can.


    Make dinner for a friend that is in need. My friends husband went for a transplant and we would have her over for dinner instead of her going home to cook for one or to be by herself all of the time.

  12. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I have a whole bunch of samples/freebies that I would love to share with those in need. I also have some other items I have won that I would like to give to someone who could use it. We also donate regularly to the salvation army and there is an orphanage in Africa that I love to help out:

  13. Sandy McFadden says

    I have already been for years going to the nursing homes and visiting people who don’t get visitors and I take my dog with me it helps them so much to connect with a pet.

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