Sears $10 Coupon & Seventeen Magazine

Sears has a hot new coupon out for $10 off any Junior Fashion purchase. There is no minimum; so you could end up with an item for FREE! The coupon can be found in the inside cover of the October issue of Seventeen magazine or printable HERE. The coupon can be used starting Tuesday September 15th.

There is also an online shopping code: 17SEARSAPPAREL. If you shop online, go through ebates to earn cash back. Make sure to request in store pickup to avoid a shipping fee.

There are many junior items that you may not even think about socks, intimates, pajamas or start buying items for Christmas presents!

Freebies 4 Moms gave me a heads up on this deal. Just a warning, sometimes a printable coupon may be pulled due to misuse. This coupon is suppose to be valid from September 15th to November 14th. However, the printable version may not last that long.

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  1. […] Earlier this week, we posted a link to a $10 Sears coupon. It appears that Sears has pulled the coupon already and will no longer accept it. They are, however, accepting the $10 coupon from Seventeen Magazine. I hope some of you were able to use the printable coupon before it was pulled! This situation is a reminder for everyone; consumers should not abuse coupons and companies should not be putting out coupons that have unlimited prints. In my opinion, it was silly for Sears to put out a $10 no minimum purchase coupon and not think that it would be overused. […]

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