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As a parent do you sometimes feel guilty when you do some time offs by having “me time”? I tell you it is normal and we all go through that feeling, but I advise you not to feel that way. Having some “me time” is actually a great way to rejuvenate ourselves and be better parents.

Working, running the house and of course taking care of our kids can be stressful and you have to accept the fact that we are only human. Mom and Dad needs to have a break too! You should not deprive yourselves of some time to pamper and relax. Even a simple “me time” to jog alone can refresh your mind. By adding this to your regular routine you will realize that you will have more patience towards your children, be more understanding and be better partner.

Now to make your “me time” easier and without any hassle, Schedule your babysitters with SitterScout! This is a scheduling tool that works from any smartphone or online and will help you book your existing babysitters faster. This way you don’t have to contact all the sitters you know one by one just to ask if they are available.

It is actually very easy to use and took me just a few minutes to sign-up and enter my sitters name and their mobile numbers. Yes you need to enter your own sitter’s names because this is a scheduling tool and not a recruiting service. So if you have several sitters on your list this tool makes it convenient because you will have your contacts arranged all in one place.

Here’s how it works:

  • Schedule when you need a sitter.
  • Choose sitters that you want to contact via text and email. You can choose to invite sitters in rounds so that your priority sitters will be contacted first.
  • SitterScout will contact those sitters you chose via SMS, and they can reply back with a simple text message to accept or decline.
  • When a sitter accepts, you will get a text message to let you know.
  • You will even have a wait list. If the sitter you booked has to cancel for any reason, they’ll automatically contact the sitters on the Wait List and let you know when one confirms.

You get reminders when you need them – We send you and your sitter a reminder email 48 hours before your scheduled event.

Learn about SitterScout’s Philosophy here.

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