Savings Circle: $45 worth of FREE Gas

I hate paying for my gas. I just paid $60 to drive my kids to school and to the store this week. It makes me so mad! I guess there isn’t a coupon for that. I did however find Savings Circle. You pay $4.95 and you get $50 back for your gas. You also can buy 4 gift cards for your favorite stores at 20% off, How about that you can stock up and then use coupons to get super DEALS! I would SIGN UP NOW while it is just $4.95 and you can cancel anytime!

You will need to submit your receipt and read the terms and conditions. It is $4.95 to sign up. They have tons of great offers on movie tickets as well. They also have a cvs card for $25 and you spend $20. I would suggest giving them a try.

I am going to scan in my receipt and get $50 back of my $60 purchase I can’t wait. Save money now with Savings Circle


LOOK what I just got!! I submitted mine just now

Dear amee,I’m sure you’ll want to take advantage of all your valuable benefits from Savings Circle, especially your $50.00 Cash Back on gas for joining Savings Circle. If you haven’t already claimed your $50.00 Cash Back, now’s the time to do so.

As a member of Savings Circle you can claim $50.00 Cash Back on gas anytime you want through 6/29/2012.

$45 worth of gas click HERE


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  1. Marthalynn says

    Oh my goodness! What a great deal! I’m reading all the fine print, and I can’t seem to find any catches. I’m so signing up for this right away.

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