Saving On Contact Lenses

My husband wears contact lenses and recently needed to order more. He usually buys them from the Walmart vision center. This time we decided to look into ordering them online. After researching a bit, it turns out that they are cheaper to buy online!

Walgreens has a special offer for contact lens available online. Save $20 off your contact lens purchase of $100 or more, valid 4/18/10-5/8/10. Use promo code GREEN.

1-800 Contacts offers FREE shipping and discounted rates on contacts.

For my husbands contacts they were priced at $22.99 at Walgreens and $24.99 at 1-800 Contacts. If we were to order 8 boxes at 1-800 Contacts it would have been $21.99 a box. Both places offer FREE shipping. We ended up going with Walgreens due to the $20 off coupon code. It brought the price down to $19.50 since we bought six boxes.

If you are an Acuvue user, there is an Acuvue Rebate up to $75 if you buy a years supply of select styles and have an eye exam. Unfortunately my husbands style did not qualify.

My suggestion is to do a bit of research. Check out several sites and compare prices. The real discount comes when you order in bulk. Of course if you order through Walgreens the coupon will be a huge help!

What is your experience with ordering contacts? What online sites have you used?

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