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  1. Kellie Hall says

    Watched Family-Friendly Travel to New Orleans. I have family there but didn’t know about most of the attractions you had on there. :-)

  2. Angela MacIntyre says

    Just watched the video for the Coca Cola Cake. YUM!!! That was very cool. I’ve heard about this a lot but have yet to get a recipe and do it. I love that I got to watch the steps, very well done. Going to try this one very soon! Thanks!

  3. Nicole Carter says

  4. Whitney McQuarry says

    Watched Family Friendly Travel to New Orleans. Ive never been to New Orleans, but maybe a trip there soon is in order :)

  5. Nicole Carter says

  6. Kathy Lynn says

    I watched Survivor Dad…he talked about how they save money on cable, internet, phone services along with hand me down clothing (kids) and cooking at home by planning their menus.

  7. Nicole Carter says

  8. Ada Miller says

  9. Leah Walker says

    Watched how to find back to school bargains. I am such a nerd when it comes to school/office supplies so I like to find deals on them year round. I’m so happy with a good new pen and notebook. Lol.

  10. Elizabeth Rodriguez says

    Hi! I just watched How to find Back to School Bargains. I actually learned a couple new tips I could use! Thanks for the great videos!

  11. Veronica Brace Wright says

    Easy Recipe: Patriotic Pie for the Fourth of July

    I liked this video…I am always looking for easy recipes.

  12. Farrah Shumway says

  13. says

    WOW, I’ve never been to new orleans, thanx for posting video, I AM surprised they cook the bugs and kids eat them…that’s something to experience. i watched the video for family trip to New Orleans and wanted to enter contest and now I wanna go to New Orleans :)

  14. Mendi Bailey says

    Thats great my daughter just sent me information for New Orleans, she wants to go on a short trip for a weekend. Thanks for the information on the video. It gave us a few more ideas on what to do. I watched the Family Friendly trip to New Orleans.

  15. amy m says

    I just watched planning the perfect vacation!! Very good advice for me! I have 4 small children and seems impossible to go anywhere with them!! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Diane Bielawa says

    I watched the Family Friendly Travel video by about New Orleans Audubon Zoo, Audubon Insectoreum, LaFayette Suare-Wednesdays at the Square and New Orlean’s City Park-Storyland. Pretty cool stuff! :)

  17. Bridget Merker says

    Watched the Patriotic Pie for Fourth of July video – should have watched this a while ago! Now I want to make one!

  18. MALINDA DAY says

    watched survivor dad- saving money.Great tips! we also cut out cable and watch everyone online. savings are good there!

  19. Lisa Johnson says

    I watched the Family Friendly travel to New Orleans video. Never thought of New Orleans as family friendly. Interesting video…..

  20. Michele Hunter says

    I watched the Mafia Murder Mystery Party. Looks like fun with a good group of people. I like that you can use regular playing cards.

  21. Whitney McQuarry says

    I watched the recipe for Coca Cola cake. I LOVE baking and always looking for new recipes. Cant wait to try this!!

  22. Alena Bejenarou says

  23. D Alison says

    I watched the How to make a coca-cola cake. Does it taste like choclate coke? I used to drink them years ago at the local drug store soda fountain counter. My daughter and son-in-law really like coke so I think I’ll try this as a surprise for them. Thanks!

  24. deborah McNabb says

    Liked the dad labs video, but, is it really true that people need to be told that it is good to play with theie kids?!

  25. Lee Ann Kaplan says

    I second the reusable diapers thing! We didn’t do it with my son and I regret it. The next kiddo we have I’m going for the cloth diapers. I dont ever want to hear’ Oh no! I just used the last diaper and we don’t have the money to buy anymore!’ again!

  26. Nicole Carter says

  27. Nicole Carter says

  28. Colleen W H says

    I wathced the survivor dad video. Wow, I’ve been doing many of these things since my oldest, now 27 was a baby…. good tips for frugal living.

  29. Tammy Lacer says

    I watched Kinect for Xbox: Family Settings Guide on Family Activities Channel. I had no idea I could set a timer for how long my kids could play daily, weekly or monthly. Thanks!!

  30. Nicole Carter says

  31. Nicole Carter says


    i watched the glad sense and spray video and then the scooping the goop out the pumpkin with the ice cream scoop

  33. nicole keiffer says

    Hello watched the video about pumpkin craving. am now going to go on a hunt in the hubby took boxS and find the dry wall saws. Looked alot easier than the knife. and the ice cream srcoop seemed alot easier than a normal spoon. Totally going to try it this year

  34. Amy Orvin says

  35. kristi calloway says

    I watched the Pumpkin Carving video :) I am in love with the new show on Food Network “Halloween Wars”. I can’t wait to do our pumpkins soon. I am so excited, I love Halloween!!!

  36. erika weyandt says

    I watched the Survivor Dad – Saving Money I thought this was so true been telling my family we need to save and we can do it

  37. Suzanne Deleon says

    I watched the pumpkin carving tips and techniques video. Thanks for the info. I already used an ice cream scoop, but this year I’m going to buy a drywall knife. What an awesome idea! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  38. says

    I watched Volunteering With Your Kids,it reminded of when the girls and I worked at the VA for breakfasts and dinners by serving,help feed,and clean up.they had so much fun and learned so much.I t was great.

  39. Jamie Brigham says

    Hi Hun!! I watched the Family activities video and the video is great minus the no sound part. I love the black and white pic of the mama and the baby

  40. Amy Orvin says

  41. Angi says

    Pumpkin carving tips, He threw away the SEEDS!!! Tip , My kids always enjoyed lightly toasting the seeds & basting with honey butter. Nice treat , Great family tradition.:)

  42. Nicole Carter says

  43. says

    I watched the video on pumpkin carving.. Who knew I have been doing it wrong all this time. I usually end up looking like I got into a hit and run with the pumpkin every year. Maybe the new tips I got will work for me.

  44. Mindy Burton says

    I watched the Dogfish Head Punkin Ale – Beer Review. Wow 7% alochol! It just doesn’t sound that good – not sure about an ale with cinnamon and nutmeg. I would definitely like to sample tho! :)

  45. Nicole Carter says

  46. Gladys M says

    I just finished watching Halloween Safety Tips: Safety Tips for Halloween Costumes!
    mysteri_015 at yahoo dot com

  47. ronda peyton says

    watched the How to make a kitty litter cake for Halloween we made one like that also but we crumbled our cake and added pudding to it, it was very good and every one enjoyed it
    rondasieg at yahoo dot com

  48. Kathleen Quinlan says


  49. Judith says

    Children in the autism spectrum have a difficulty getting services both in and out of the militaty. One of my grandson is in this category and we found a charter school with a great special ed teacher who is knowledgeable in this area. In 2 years he has made dramatic progress.
    Ps I watched this child interact and she touches this is a big hurdle for autistic kids.

  50. Nicole Carter says

  51. Michelle R. says

    I watched your Sugary Drink Ads Targeting Kids video. I am nervous about childhood obesity for my children these days with how poorly children are eating (and drinking) in the U.S. in general. :(

  52. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    Watched the video “How to Turn Science Projects into Holiday Gifts: Science Project Holiday Gifts- Bubble Art”

  53. Brandi Kendall says

    i checked out your pumpkin ice cream video. that stuff looks awesome! my bf loves it. he can’t wait until the holidays every year just so he can have some.

  54. Nicole Carter says

  55. Jodi M Stanton says

    I watched the Help For Kids With Learning Disability. My son has Turette Syndrome and ADHD and possibly Aspergers.

  56. pridelandmama says

    watched encouraging early language skills. Some great ideas. We love I spy and it was interesting to learn how to play with younger ages.

  57. Donna B. says

    didn’t realize I was supposed to comment here, sorry – I’ve been watching one a day. today I watched Kitchen Kids: Fruit Dip

  58. Dianna thomas says

    Keeping your Infant Safe: Can I smoke around my baby?——This is a no brainer– second hand smoke is the same as smoking– enjoy this and inforced my belief

  59. Dianna thomas says

    well I watch the videoTips for Parents of Picky Eaters to night– I have three–it might work–will see—lol

  60. Dianna thomas says

    Ok I just watched How to Feed Children: Feeding Children – Is Your Child Too Big? I dont know if this will apply to us but interest at least

  61. desiree says

    well i watch them and they are great the guy with the kid who want to go to big bed is good one
    i had the same problem with my kid when he was little

  62. Dianna thomas says

    HMMMMM–well– I can’t even balance my own diet at the moment- with 3 holidays for our home and all the birthdays–this what was watch tonight Kids’ Holiday Favorites and Balancing Nutrition

  63. Dianna Thomas says

    ok here I am again this is what I watched How To Transition a Toddler From Two Naps To One — I need a nap many times– thanks

  64. Dianna Thomas says

    We did this the other day so I had to watch it– much better than ours–Gingerbread house – how to make gingerbread houses

  65. Dianna Thomas says

    I watched the one on the cheese dip How to Celebrate Hanukkah: How to Make a Hanukkah Cheese Dip. Its very similar to one my mom makes

  66. Dianna Thomas says

    I watched How To Use Leftover Candy Canes— I always crush them for hot cocoa, and white peppermint bark–and cake and cookie toppings

  67. says

    The kiddies and I watched “How to Make a Snow Globe!” They are off and running…gathering up the supplies as I type! Thank You Madame Deals…very Versatile Site! I LoVe New & Inventive! Everyone…Have A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

  68. mary haney says

    I watched two i didnt have a clue what to do but figured it out. I watched the one on parents opting out of vaccines, and holiday part drink The peppermint patty. which looks and sounds yummy! may have to give it a try….

  69. Dianna Thomas says

    Hi tonight I watched the potatoe pancakes– yummo with sour cream-sprinkle nutmeg–The Holiday Kitchen – Potato Latkes—-we have to boursh and corve sausage too. and huckleberries in a tarte– one of favorite suppers

  70. dyanna olvera says

    I watched the family friendly travel to New Orleans video! It made me really want to visit there, hopefully I can in the future! :)

  71. Dianna Thomas says

    well this morning I got to watch Crayola Crayon Maker, I like the new little machine to make different crayons the best.

  72. says

    Never to old to learn something new!

    I just watched the Crayola Crayon Maker…now not to long ago I heard or read about how you can take the paper off of broken crayons, match them by color shades (or not) and bake them in a muffin pan, let cook. and Voila, new crayons! They also fit fat little fingers because they are easier, and sturdier to grip!

    Now, I am a mother of a 10 and 7 year old and I have been through the toy isle at least…what twice…at least…each and every trip to Wal Mart or Dollar General, not to mention my TV should be called the Cartoon TV, as it is on the cartoon channel a good 99.9% of the time it is on!

    That all said, I had not heard that they had made a commercialized crayon maker! Wow…I need to get off of the computer and pay attention in the store and the commercials.

    Thank You…I will actually be looking for one of these the next time I am at the store!

  73. Nicole Carter says

  74. Heather Speaks says

    I watched Crayola crayon maker video. that would be great for all the broken crayons my daughter has…she’d enjoy making swirly colors too.

  75. kimbuckjr says

    I watched your “KIDS AND SPORTS – ALL PAIN, NO GAIN” video post. Alarming numbers.
    Thank you very much for sharing this video, it’s a real eye opener and something I hope to remember when my daughter gets involved in high school sports in a few years.

  76. Kaci McClellan Verdun says

    I watched your video “10 Bizarre Traffic Laws Across the US”, great video and made me laugh!! Also, l learned alot i wasn’t aware of, haha! Thanks.

  77. autumn kelly says

    I watched How to Make Stovetop Cranberry Granola. I had to go back again because I forgot to write down the ingredients.

  78. sandy w says

    retro road trips, never been to a water park. my family never traveled much on trips. went to disneyland w/ my mother and it was awful. i was abt 35 and she was a little over 65….i remember b/c she thought b/c she was a senior she did not have to wait in line….i was so embarrassed.

  79. polly says

  80. Veronica H says

    I watched “Autism” I have a friend with a child with autism, definitely going to pass this on to her