Saving Money While Eating Out on Vacation

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Travel season is in full swing. A big expense while traveling is food. Although eating out is enjoyable, it can put a strain on the vacation budget. There are ways to save on meals while traveling though.

Pack snacks: With two young boys snacks and drinks are essential. Sometimes it may be a long wait for a meal. Having snacks handy will reduce the whining and save you money. My kids can’t wait long to eat and if I don’t have something with me, I will have to buy a snack. I pack several different types of snacks and make our own snack bags at home.

Make your own meals: If you are staying in a place with a kitchenette, make a few meals yourself. I like to make our breakfast at the condo and then pack a lunch. We reserve our eating-out-meal for dinner usually. We are all tired at the end of the day so it is nice to have a meal cooked for you!

Use Coupons: Do a little research of the area you are visiting. Find out what the best restaurants are and then order gift certificates. Also, you may be able to find coupons for restaurants you want to visit. Check Entertainment books, restaurant websites, tourist booklets, newspapers and with your hotel.

Bring drinks: Beverages are so expensive! I like to bring sodas, water and juice with us. I bring along an ice chest and the kids sippy cups to fill up during the day. Having our own drinks in our hotel or condo is a huge savings. I always order water when we eat out. If I want a soda, I have one when we are at our room. Now my husband doesn’t follow this plan and that is okay! I just can’t stand paying $2 for a soda.

Normally I have a linky up for all of you to post your ideas. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work this morning! I would love for you all to leave comments though with any money saving tips!

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