Saving Money on Winter Clothing for Children

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Cooler temperatures are on the horizon. That means that it is a time for a change of wardrobe. I am lucky to get a ton of used clothes from friends and family. Plus, I like to participate in clothing swaps every now and then to renew our wardrobe. Today, we have a guest post from Mrs. Not Made of Money on how she saves money on winter clothing.

Tips for Saving on Children’s Winter Clothing

In my own family trying to keep clothes for steadily growing children is a constant battle. We’ve been bringing out the clothing we stored from last Winter and sadly not much is going to be used for this coming season because everyone has outgrown nearly everything. I’ve developed a master listing of what clothing items each child will need. Thankfully I’ve developed some ways to save money on our children’s winter clothing and here’s my strategy for replenishing their wardrobes and keeping to our budget:

Searching For Sales and Discounted Items
I’m always on the lookout for the sales. When I am in any of the local department stores I take a very quick look around to see what’s on sale. I keep a master list in my purse of the children’s sizes and what articles of clothing they need. This makes it easy for me to see if there is something I need that’s on sale. I also regularly monitor eBay for needed items. I’ve set up eBay alerts which has been a great time saver. This works well for the younger children because I dress them mostly in Gymboree clothing and I know the sizes that will fit them. Am I a Gymboree snob? Absolutely not. However, I do like the Gymboree clothing because it really lasts and I’ve never had a stain that couldn’t be removed. I can’t say that about any of the store brands that I’ve tried. Plus, the clothes retain their value so I resell them on eBay when they’ve been outgrown.

Buying Separates and Building a Mix And Match Wardrobe
For all the children I try to buy clothing that can be worn with several different things to make multiple outfits for the season. They may have a pair of jeans they can wear with several different sweaters or tops. I try to stick with neutral colors for pants and jackets. I let the girls choose some accessories so they can customize their outfits. Mixing and matching items really stretches the clothing budget.

Layering Old and New Items
Here in Florida our Winter is mild so we do a lot of layering. Many times my children will still be wearing predominately shorts until November. They’ll pair a summer top with a light weight jacket when the weather gets a bit cool in the morning. We put a long sleeve shirt or turtle neck under a t-shirt to create the ever popular layered look and everyone is happy. The girls wear tights or leggings under shorts and skirts to make a cute look for the winter season.

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