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I never was much of a card player but I am great at holding on to my coupons to make the most DOLLARS out of Change. I wrote a post about my game plan for my coupons that I bought from My Coupon Hunter. This was the post in case you didn’t catch it. I did even better. I got all of the items for FREE!!!

We were out of yogurt so I went to our site and clicked on the icons for Kroger, Giant, Food Lion, and Harris Teeter. I saw that Giant had the yogurt on sale for a $1.00 and low and behold that would make all my yogurts free. I looked at the store deals and decided that I could get my shopping done there this week, so off I went. I only go to one store a week unless there is a crazy sale. I also go to Sam’s club for our veggies since $40 out of my budget is usually spent on fruit, veggies, and bread. I have a stockpile so I do not need to run to the store nor do I have the time. I also understand how the store cycles work. This is something you will learn once you start making saving money at the grocery store a priority.I did in April and I am spending 50% less around $400 a month. Yes, we eat real food. In fact we eat better than we did before!

So on to my big DEAL:

I was equally excited to learn the bacon was not $1.89 like I thought but $1.69 and then it was on SALE for $1.29… so my $.75 off coupons once they were double made these packages free as well! I saved some of my coupons for space reason but I ended up with 6 yogurts and 6 packages of bacon for $.55. That means after you factor in the cost of the coupons ($.20 each x 6= $1.20 for the bacon and $.12 x 4= $.48 for the yogurt + the $.20 x2= $.40 for the buy two get one free coupon for the yogurt= $2.08 +$.55 for the order total= $2.63

What didn’t I spend $1.00 x 6 = $6.00 for the yogurt and $1.29×6= $7.74 for the baconĀ  for a total NOT spent of $13.74- $2.63 for the coupons. I didn’t sped $11.11

So what did I do next.. well I came home and ordered more coupons!!! I ordered 30 yogurt coupons I figured that will save me $30.00- $3.60 for the coupons= $26.40 that I will not be spending!

Yeah! It is not what you SAVE but What you Spend!



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