Saving Circle: Gift cards 20% off

  Okay so the way I stay on budget is I buy gift cards. I also earn them using Superpoints ($3,000 so far). I decide what we need I create an envelop and I fill it with gift cards. These are items on our wish list. We are currently working on saving for the holiday so when I was able to get a toys r us gift card for only $20 instead of $25. I bought it.  We also go to CVS to snag their great deals when they have some so I now have $5.00 off which I can use with the spend $25 get $5 off which printed out the last time I was there. The secret to saving is piling on as many discounts as possible with a sale.  We are also working on buying a new gas grill so the Lowes giftcard will come in handy coupled with  my husband’s military ID which gives us 10% off in addition so I will be on the hunt for a good sale and hopefully our envelop will be ready.

  If you asked me three years ago did I have envelops and did I chase sales the answer was” NO”. I also had credit card debit and a lot of stuff we didn’t need. When I decided to get real and get rid of my debt I was able to do so by watching what I spent and planning for our expenses. I mean I was able to pay off a car early, put money in the bank, and put money away for college… and just think 3 years ago I was in the red.

That is why I am sharing this opportunity with you because you will save money and their membership this month for $4.95 can be cancelled anytime. I will most likely keep mine at $14.95 a month and I will buy $100 worth of cards for $80 each month.. since I will still make money using them. $20-$14.95 fee. They also have $5 movie tickets and $2 magazines and you get cash back on your purchases. I am excited and I hope you take advantage of this savings circle opportunity.

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HERE Is the GAS Deal $45 in FREE Gas

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