Saved 87% at CVS

Paid $8.36 OOP, got back $16 ECBs

Paid $8.36 OOP, got back $16 ECBs

I love CVS! It is so easy to use ECBs! I did the Proctor & Gamble, the Covergirl and the Wrigley’s deals today. I also bought (2) papers for $4.25. Here is the run down:

P&G Deal:
(2) Bounce Dryer Bars $8
(2) Tide Stain Release $8
(3) Dawn Hand Renewal $3
Tide Laundrey Soap $6
(2)-$1.50 Bounce coupons
(2)-$1.50 Tide Stain Release Coupons
(3)-$1.00 Dawn Hand Renewal Coupons (Home made Solutions booklet :))
-$1.00 Tide coupon
Makes it $15, got $10 ECB’s back

Cover Girl Deal
Bought Covergirl Powder Foundation for $8.49 and Outlast lipstick for $7.
Used BOGO coupon and -$1.00 coupon
Makes it $7.49, got $5 ECB’s back

Wrigley’s Deal
Bought (4) packs of gum for $4.00
Used (2) BOGO coupons
Makes it $2.00, got $1 ECB back

I also used a $5/$25 coupon.

Spent: $8.36 OOP
Used: $17 in ECBs
Got Back: $16 in ECBs
Saved: $55.67

So really, I “spent” $9.36 for $64 worth of products!



  1. Mary Martin says

    Not the greatest deals today but I decided to save my $5/$25 Q for next week’s deals. I figure I paid for one of the four newspapers today (one of them was for my neighbor who reimbursed me the $1.50). That put me OOP only $1.74.

    Today’s deals:

    (1) Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion @ $7.99
    Used (1) $1.50 Q

    Spent: $1.89 OOP
    Used: $5.00 ECBs
    Got Back: $7.00 ECBS

    (4) Wrigley’s 15 pc packs @ $1 each
    Used (2) B1G1 coupons
    (2) Gold Emblem Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds @ $.99 each
    Used (1) CVS CRT $2 off 2 Gold Emblem nuts
    (4) Washington Post newspapers @ $1.50 each

    Spent: $1.35 OOP
    Used: $7 in ECBs
    Got Back: $1 ECB

    Merchandise Total: $19.97
    Total Spent: $3.24 – $1.50 reimbursed = $1.74
    Used: $12 in ECBs
    Got Back: $1 ECB
    Saved: $16.73

    I figure I saved at least 91% today. If you add back in the $1 ECB I still have, I was only out-of-pocket 74 cents. Now that’s sweet!

  2. Heather says

    I am not sure if you used the CVS near us, but I was in there mid-day and they still had a few newspapers. I was happy to see that and am hoping that they will still be carrying a fair number. We’ll see.

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