Saved 75% total at Target, Walgreens & Harris Teeter

Just back from an amazing grocery trip! In total, I saved $195.58 between the three stores and spent $67.66 out of pocket. Now that DOES NOT include the $20 in Register Rewards I earned or the $5.00 Target card I received. If you take the Register Rewards and the Target card into account, this trip was awesome!

Harris Teeter (Rock Bottom Deals HERE)

harris teeter 6/14

Spent: $24.78

Saved: $117.13 w/ VIC card and coupons; 82.5% (to be fair, I did have some FREE item coupons that I received via snail mail)

What you can’t see, is about a pound of Sashimi Tuna, Regularly $10.99/lb; I paid $1.75 due to the e-VIC promotion!

Walgreens (Coupon matchups HERE)Walgreens 6/14

Spent: $28.91

Saved: $51.48 (used $5 in RR’s from previous weeks)

Got Back: $20.00 in RR’s (technically, I got all of the above for $8.91!)

I did have a coupon for $1.50 off of milk wyb cakesters (tearpad coupon, found a month ago). Even though the milk was marked up compared to the grocery store, it was only $1.89 after the coupon.

Come back tomorrow and I will tell you why I stockpiled on the Skippy and the Ragu!

Target (Deals HERE)

Bought (3) packs Pull-ups at $8.99 each

Used (2) $5.00 off coupons (recent mailer) and (1) $3.00 off coupons

Paid $13.97, got back a $5.00 gift card for Target, makes it $2.99 a pack!

And I can send in for the Caregivers Market Place rebate for .75¢ back on each pack, bringing the total to $2.24 a pack!



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