Save Verizon Wireless

Save Verizon Wireless

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Okay, I am a deal blogger so I know how to get a good deal. I am always looking for the best value for my money. I take on one service every couple of months to make sure I am getting the best deal. The service I have for my cellphone is no exception. I have the date that my contracts end on my google calendar so they alert me two days before they expire so I am reminded that i need to shop around. I recently needed a new iPhone because mine wasn’t charging after three years. I had to change my service at Verizon Wireless.

Save Verizon Wireless

I went in to the store after going to their competitors so I knew what it would cost to drop their service and change to another brand if necessary. I found that a couple of the service providers have programs for repeat customers. I have been a Verizon user for 8 years and I very happy with their cellphone service. I couldn’t afford to have substandard cell phone service since I use my cell phone as my sole phone. This is how I saved on my Verizon Wireless.

I looked at my account and determined what I actually needed. Do I need unlimited text? Do I need unlimited data? Do I need unlimited minutes? The truth is I only really needed unlimited minutes. I was below 2GB of data a month for the past 6 months so paying for unlimited was no longer an option with my phone upgrade but it also wasn’t needed for ¬†monthly use. I was paying with tax 127.93 a month for one phone. I asked how is Verizon Wireless Saving¬†their current customers money. It turns out they have a Verizon loyalty plan where for $60 a month I basically got the service I was using for almost 50% less. You need to go to your store or call *611 on your Verizon phone to see if you qualify.

Note: I also turned in my old I phone and I was able to get the new iPhone 5 for free with a 2 year contract.

Save Verizon Wireless

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    Did you know you can upgrade about 2 weeks before your actual contract date? Also, I too, am a loyal customer. Verizon recently changed my same plan from 4G of data down to 2G. I called customer service and let them know I was a loyal customer and they changed the data amount back to 4G. I also get a discount through my job. They are signed up for a discount and I get 17% off. That just about covers all the ‘extra’ fees!

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