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Kids love building with these micro building sets by Nanoblock. These sets feature popular landmarks and locations. They also have a selection of animals and other miniature figures. Check out these great savings and stock up with holidays right around the corner.

Nanoblock Eiffel Tower (200 pcs) $14.73

Nanoblock Castle Neuschwanstein (550 pcs) $14.73

Nanoblock Taj Mahal (420 pcs) $13.14

Nanoblock – London Big Ben Set $17.75

Nanoblock Sagrada Familia $14.14

Nanoblock Mont Saint Michel $14.73

Nanoblock Space Shuttle $21.33

Nanoblock The Leaning Tower of Pisa Set – NBH-030 $17.99

Nanoblock Easter Island $14.73

Nanoblocks Kinkaku-Ji $14.00

Nanoblock NBH_018 Himeji Castle $21.80

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