Save on Electronic Chargers and Accessories

Save up to 70% on a Huge Selection of Electronic Chargers and Accessories

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Zulily is holding a huge sale on Electronic Chargers, Sync Cables, USB Chargers and Organizers with prices starting at $7.99

These products are available in different colors, designs and sizes which them whimsical and popular with teens and adults. No more boring black cords connecting your devices. You can bring a pop of color to your day or buy one to match your phone and case.

Choose from the following starting at $7.99

Rhinestone Lightning Cable Charger Set for iOS Phones (Multiple Colors)

Dual USB Mini Charger for Car (Multiple Colors)

Lighting Sync Cable for iOS Phones (Multiple Colors and Patters)

White or Black Pro Charger Set

Charge and Synce Cable for iPhone 5

White or Black Cable Wraps

Flat 30 Pin Sync Cable for iOS Devices (Multiple Colors)

Micro USB Cable for Android  (Multiple Colors)

Sync Cable for iOS Device (Multiple Colors and Patterns)

USB Extension Cable (Multiple Colors)

3 Port Charge and Sync Cable (Multiple Colors)

Keep yourself Charged,Connected and Organized now

Shop Electronic Chargers and Accessories


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