Save On Crafts: Fabric Flower Necklace

Save On Crafts

Fabric Flower Necklace

fabric flower necklace

Are you crafty? I love making fun crafts and I found several ways to Save on Crafts by using materials that I have in stock. One of my recent favorite craft project is my Fabric Flower Necklace, it’s super easy to make and makes a great gift for my daughter’s friends or my girl friends as well.

fabric flowers


You will need a  hot glue gun

Glue sticks




1 yard of material




closure for a necklace

small barrette clips


fabric flowers

You will need a small piece of fabric to make the center. The center can be made in two ways. Once is to fold the fabric and the other is to simply knot the end.

fabric flowers

You will fold over your fabric so it is 1/2 inches wide. I glue the corners of mine to make it easier to roll. Then you will trim it.

fabric flower

Next you will fold in around itself. or make a knot and then wrap it around itself until you get a bud shape. You will need to hot glue it to get it to stay this way.

fabric flowers

Next you will cut a long strip of 1/2 to inch fabric. You will also glue the edges to one another. Then you will glue the folded edge on the bud. You will twist the fabric and fold on top of itself.

fabric flowers

Bring the fabric around then fold towards the center of the flower and glue.

fabric flowers

Continue to wrap around and fold upwards until your flower is the shape you wish it to be. Then glue it.



brown twirlfabric flowers

final brown

underneath necklace

back brown final

fabric flowers

fabric flowers


Then you will adhere a barrette on the back so you can add it to this necklace.

necklace brown final

This is your  Fabric Flower Necklace final project.

See how to make felt flowers using this felt flower pattern

You can watch the video as well:

Save On Crafts: Fabric Flower Necklace Video Tutorial

Fabric Flower Necklace

fabric flower

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  1. says

    Great tutorial. I am a very visual person so I love that you showed each step. I also watched the video which was extremely helpful. Thanks

  2. Mary Beth Elderton says

    This is so cute!! I can just see these flowers in different colors and configurations for a number of outfits. Would also be great as a pin.

  3. Gloria Walshver says

    I can’t sew,knit or crochet,but many people do all these projects and make beautiful things for their families.

  4. Stacy Harrington Calhoun says

    I love the great step by step to provided. I have seen some before and attempted it, but your pictures will help me better. Thanks

  5. melisa says

    I REALLY like this idea, and I think the flowers you made turned out beautiful. We have a few of my great-grandmother’s dresses that my grandmother (her daughter) is having a hard time parting with. Always looking for ideas. I am excited to share this with her, as I think she would love to wear a corsage of her mother’s dress(es)! THANK YOU!

  6. M.Clark says

    The finished product looks really nice., it looks like something that you’d find on the etsy website. Thank you for sharing this craft.

  7. Paula Morgan says

    Such an adorable idea!! I absolutely love the color combination you chose!! Aqua and Chocolate brown have become one of my favorite combo’s!!

  8. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    I have never seen flowers made out of material…… what a neat idea !!!! Really cute, love it!!!!

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