Save money on gas with Safeway Reward Points!

Save money on gas with Safeway Reward Points!


Summertime is road trip time in my house, and we all know how expensive that can be! So anytime I can catch a break on the raising gas prices I jump at the opportunity, and I’m sure you do too! So let me tell you how purchases you are making anyways can help you save some $$ at the gas pump! If you have a Safeway store near you, you NEED to sign up for their FREE Safeway Rewards Points program! It can help you save up to $1 per gallon of gas, when buying things you were already planning to buy!

So how does the Safeway Reward Points program work?


The Safeway Rewards Points Program is super simple, sign up for a FREE savings card, and shop at your favorite Safeway location, and earn rewards! You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on groceries and/or prescriptions. Want to save even more money at the pump? Buy gift cards! You know you are going to shop at certain stores, dine at certain restaurants so why not drop by Safeway, pick up a gift card for your favorite place and earn 4 times as many gas points to use at participating stations? Just use your club card at checkout and you’re set!  Safeway has gift cards for all different things including restaurants (for date night) cash cards (for you teen!) and retail cards (for birthdays, graduations, etc), so whatever you needs, don’t forget to stop into a safeway location and pick up a gift card. You wallet and your gas tank will thank you!

So how many safeway reward points do you have to get to earn these awesome rewards?

Not as many as you might think! Here is the breakdown of the Safeway reward Points:

  • 100 points= 10 cents off a gallon of gas
  • 200 points=20 cents off a gallon of gas
  • 500 points=50 cents off a gallon of gas
  • 1000 points= $1 off a gallon of gas

So if you are going our to dinner with the family, make sure to stop at your local Safeway and pick up a $50 giftcard to the restaurant of your choice, and save 20 cents off a gallon! (or save your points and grab an even bigger discount later!)

You can track your points on each receipt or download the JustforU app on your smart  smartphone and get even more offers and coupons. Chevron and Safeway stations participate. Just enter phone number or swipe  your Safeway Club Card at the pump to get your rewards.

Not sure if there is a Safeway near you? Check out the Safeway Store Locator page

If you have any other questions regarding the Safeway Reward Point Program, check out their FAQ page 


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