Save on Home Repairs

Save on Home Repairs

   save money on home repair

 Wow! I never realized how expensive owning a home is. You have to pay the mortgage, insurance,  utilities and then maintenance. Then they awesome things come up that you didn’t anticipate called ” home repairs”. I decided I would give you some tips to make those “home repairs” less frightening by offering tips on how to save on home repairs.

Save on Home Repairs

The first thing you need to do is determine the condition of your house. We are sharing a printable created by Genius Interior Designs to do just that. It is really important to determine your true needs prior to starting or calling someone for a repair. It is also important to assess your homes current condition. This will enable you to make decisions and budget based on what your current needs are and what your future needs will be. We all know nothing last forever so evaluating your home will help you to save on home repairs. This list should be used as if you were looking at your house with a new set of eyes it should guide you to see things that you wouldn’t normally see because you live in your house and we often fail to notice areas of concern since we are used to just living with them.

save on home repairs

 Print your own Save on Home Repair Check list #1 <——

check list

Print this Save on Home Repair Check List #2 <——-

How repairs will add up so having a fund set aside to handle these repairs is instrumental to your financial success. We suggest saving $5 dollars a day by not spending it in our $5 savings plan. In the meantime look at what you have in your home. Then decide what you can do to prevent further disrepair and make those changes. Then you should determine what you need to do next consulting the home repair checklist. If you want to save on home repairs you need to have a plan.

Save on Home Repairs

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  1. says

    Nice blog about saving money in home repairs. Its a very useful for many home owners who are facing home maintenance and repairs. It might be helpful to know how the can repair simple problems.

  2. Jill McHale says

    Its a smart idea to ask if workers are employees or subcontractors…I would have never thought to ask. Great tip!

  3. Robin Abrams says

    Wow the home repair check list has alot that I would not of thought to ask. I have printed this out thank you so much. My house needs alot of repairs so this will come in real handy.

  4. MeryeBeth Albert says

    I really don’t have to think about Home Repair Costs, since I’m a renter; all of the home repairs are covered by the Landlord.

  5. Ancilla Jagdeo says

    Thank you, normally if somethings wrong in my apt I try to fix it instead of calling the landlord. It saves time and money.

  6. Stephanie Phelps says

    I actually just started a home repair list and am struggling with figuring out which one to do first or what is more the priority on the list! I love all these tips and really appreciate it!

  7. Margaret Smith says

    Love the check list and suggestions. You hear so many horror stories about contractors scamming people, so it’s nice to have some guidance.

  8. Caroline Wampler says

    Great ideas, especially the $5/day savings and the checklist of questions to ask! Wouldn’t have thought of either on my own.

  9. Judy Thomas says

    Thank you, that’s very helpful.It’s always a really big expense and any way to cut the cost is awesome 🙂

  10. christina says

    The best thing I find is DIY books. They are amazing. Plus you save so much more money than you would if you had to pay for the work to be down. I also think it is fun and I feel proud once I finished a project.

  11. Danielle Jones says

    Great ideas! A lot of new home owners don’t realize how quickly the repairs and upkeep starts on a home.

  12. Dawn Rader says

    so many people just hire whoever to do their home repairs and it comes back to bite them in the behind….great tips shared here! thanks!

  13. Amy Orvin says

    This summer, we plan on doing some home repairs , so this post will really help me. It’s just so expensive, I hope we can get everything done.

  14. Gale McCarron says

    Being a renter most big repairs are the responsibility of my landlord. Maybe I should pass this on to him. 🙂

  15. says

    This is extremely informative. My husband and I are always looking for ways to save money on home repairs. We just haven’t known how to do this! The is excellent!

  16. Jessica Snow says

    Thank you for sharing this. We just went through a whole issue in our bathroom and I wish I had known about this prior.

  17. Thomas Gibson says

    I contact my local community college and they always send people out to do odd jobs and all I pay is for material because the students have to do so many hours of labor to get credited.

  18. lisa says

    Boy do I have a list from the faucet that leaks to the sink that don’t go down to the hole in the floor by the back door to the makeshift chicken wire catio…..and the maintenance guys that charge 75 an hour. I didn’t make that much an hour when I was a call girl. So nada gets fixed.

  19. Seyma Shabbir says

    Love the checklist! I think knowing WHO is doing the work and how qualified they are is a big help! Another helpful hint is learning how to do repairs ourselves. When we lived in an apt and the repair person would come to fix things, we would watch so we could do it ourselves next time. Many times we needed special equipment and could not do it but half of the time we could! Maintenance is helpful!

  20. Athena c says

    Good blog on saving in home repairs. Thank you for the printable. I will print it as soon as I can get to a printer.

  21. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says

    Great ideas & I Love the Check List! Currently, I am using a legal pad. This List will make it much easier! I have a 1986 home, so it seems to always need something done every time I get 1 thing done, something else breaks!

  22. Kelly Nicholson says

    there are place that sell pretty good used stuff like doors,screens and other things..i just renmind myself that im not a king

  23. Jackie says

    What a great checklist. Keeping on maintenance is a great idea so the job doesnt become bigger than it needs to be.

  24. Terra W says

    Thanks for all the great info! We’ve never had to do any big repairs on the house yet, but will probably have to do the roof in the next couple of years or so. This should come in handy!

  25. sandy weinstein says

    thanks, always trying to save $$$ b/c repair people are so $$$$. and if you dont know something abt what they are doing, you will be in trouble. b/c they could take you for a bundle.

  26. DailyWoman (Lacey) says

    Great blog post. The best way I usually save money on Home Repairs is shopping around and getting different prices.

  27. Misty Brown says

    I love your blog on how to save on home repairs. I live on a very tight budget, and knowing i need home repairs this should help me.

  28. krista grandstaff says

    Those are great ideas, especially having a check list! You are right, we become so used to living with quirks we may overlook things that could become big problems in the future – I would probably have my brother and sister in law come over and take a look at my house, just to get a better idea 🙂

  29. Tammy S says

    What a great checklist! This will make it so much easier when you need to get work done. I also like the tip to look at your home with a new set of eyes.

  30. heather r says

    thanks for the checklist! my stepfather is in construction and my mom used to be an electrician, so I get a lot of savings from not having to go to contractors that often. that said, it’s good to know how to proceed when I do have to do so!

  31. Rhea Chladek says

    Just the thought of all that my house needs is overwhelming! My husband just repaired the bathroom floor (JUST IN TIME, as the toilet nearly-ended up falling through!!!!!) Our approach has been one thing at a time…

  32. Jennifer Hiles says

    We bought our house about 5 years ago and it’s a log cabin. Boy have we learned about home repairs the hard way! Luckily my husband is pretty good about fixing things but owning a log home is a little different and something neither of us knows much about but we are learning! This printable could come in very handy.

  33. says

    Some of the ideas on saving are good but if you could just keep a budget and stick to it would be good. Also, remember to keep a “kitty” for unexpected repairs especially if your home is an older home.

  34. judy watts says

    Save on House Repairs Blog is very useful instead of trying to remember everything you can get a refresher by just pulling up this Blog

  35. Lisa Kerr says

    I wish I had of had these printout spreadsheets along time ago! But they will definitely come in handy as Im going to be buying a house (most likely old) within the next 8 months. Thank you for sharing your tips!

  36. says

    I am definitely going to have my husband go through this check list. I know he will find a lot of things that we never noticed or paid attention to. Thanks for the great article!

  37. Sue Hull says

    I have a good way to save on home repairs, I live in an apt. That way I don’t have to pay for anything that breaks. Those are good tips 🙂

  38. amanda Whitley says

    i really like the idea of setting aside money strictly for improvements/repairs to your homes. very good tip.

  39. says

    All very valuable information here particularly for a first-time home buyer. One thing I may add is to connect with a new neighbor or two to determine if they have seen any signs of cellar flooding (fire pump trucks and more). We didn’t and guess what we not have.

  40. Mary Fagans says

    I am a DIY person, if I know how to do it. Owning a home is really expensive, especially if it is an older home. Thanks for the tops

  41. Betty Baez says

    Wow this check list is a must not only for saving on repairs but to ensure you’re hiring the right person for the job!

  42. Faye Rucker says

    My husband does almost all our home repairs but then he drew the plans and framed the house too he is really smart

  43. Trameka Wilson says

    Great way to save for repairs. I’ve never thought about how much things actually cost when I’m ready to remodel.

  44. Susan Johnson says

    One way to make sure you save on home repairs is to have it done right. Take it from someone who learned the hard way, that you should always, ALWAYS make sure the person has a CURRENT contractor’s license- always get bids on the job first, ask over the phone about the license and tell them you will want to see it when they come to give an estimate- any honest contractor won’t have a problem with that. Get everything in writing, including how long (an exact start and finish date, if possible), how much (estimate and maximum amount projected), and most importantly, who will be doing the work- many contractors will hire non-contracted (and more times than not, non-qualified) employees with no credentials (and possible criminal backgrounds) to do the work under their contractor’s license (the benefit to that is if mistakes are made, you can go after the contractor for repairs). The contractor’s license is crucial, because it is insurance that the person will do the job they have committed to by contract, and that if they do not do the work, you can go to the contractor’s board and they will investigate. If they find that the contractor didn’t do adequate work, the board will either have the contractor fix it to contract without extra charge, have you hire someone else to finish the job, or have the job re-done at the contractor’s expense. Without that license, you will have no recourse, and may lose more than you ever would have had you spent a little more on a licensed contractor.

  45. Judy Mitchell says

    thanks after having a furnace, deep freezer, and a refridgerator all break within the last two months I almost want to rent again. I appreciate this.

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