Save on Healthy Dog Treats and More at Natural Pet

Save on Healthy Dog Treats and More at Natural Pet

Healthy Dog Treats

I love making my own Healthy Dog Treats but sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow it or we will be gone on vacation and I am leaving someone else in charge of my animals so I buy them instead. In order to get the best quality I shop around for a company I can trust and for the best prices. I have found that prices at Natural Pet are pretty competitive with local stores and they often run great deals like the ones they are offering during the month of May. 

 Savings on Healthy Dog Treats and More

Treats 2


Only Natural Pet sells Healthy Dog Treats that are Made in the USA. They also have a list of ingredients that they do NOT allow in their products. This list can be found on their website at Some of the items they do not allow include the following: Aspartame, MSG, Saccharin, Parabens, Sulfites, low quality generic fats, partially hydrogenated oils. They do ensure that their treats always have high quality protein and fat sources, natural preservatives, and highly palatable species appropriate diets.

During the upcoming month save with these specials. 

Now thru May 31st, Save an additional 10% on Treats Made in the USA ( no worries about what was put in your treats).

Use Coupon Code: AFUSATREATS at


New Now thru May 31st, New Customers can save $10 off orders of $30 or more.

Use Coupon Code: AF10BUCKS at

Shampoo Grooming

Now thru 9/30, Save 15% on all Flea and Tick products for dogs at Only Natural Pet.

Use Coupon Code: FLEAFREE at

Flea and Tck

Plus you get FREE SHIPPING on orders of $79 or more

While you are waiting for your order of Healthy Dog Treats to arrive check out these tasty recipes for DIY Healthy Dog Treats.


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