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Save on Crafts

Craft Sticks Projects

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My daughter loves to craft and I would say she came by it naturally but I am not a crafter by nature. I like crafty stuff and I always have the best intentions but alas I never have time. My mom loves to craft and has made sure I nurture this side of her. On a recent trip we stocked up on her favorite supplies for the month. I followed these tips in  How to Save on Crafts to make sure I got the most bang for my buck. Even crafty kids still get a budget! She recently created two simple Crafts Sticks Projects that are simple for any child to make and make cute gifts to give friends or for a fun activity to do on a rainy day. 

Save on Crafts

First Craft Sticks Projects – Bookmarks

Craft sticks projects 3

Each Bookmark requires 2 pipe cleaners and 1 craft stick.

  1. Take one pipe cleaner and wind tightly around the top of the craft stick.
  2. Once you are sure it is secure wrap the remaining pipe cleaner around the craft stick.
  3. Take second pipe cleaner and start wrapping where the first pipe cleaner stopped.
  4. With the final 2 inches of the pipe cleaner bend in a hook to hang over the craft stick.
  5. When it is not being used a bookmark you can wind the bent end of the pipe cleaner around the craft stick.

Steps #1

You can do an alternative version by covering the Craft Stick with Decorative Duct Tape (We purchase ours on clearance or with coupons at Michaels) and loosely covering the craft stick with 1 pipe cleaner to reveal the duct tape in sections.

Second Craft Sticks Projects – Butterflys

Crafts Sticks Projects 2


Each Butterfly requires 1 Craft Stick and 3 pipe cleaners.

  1. Wrap 1 pipe cleaner tightly around the top end of the craft stick. (This is the head of the butterfly)
  2. Wrap your 2nd piece of pipe cleaner around the craft stick making sure that it is centered on the pipe cleaner.
  3. Wrap the pipe cleaner a few times around itself at the edge of the craft stick.
  4. Loop each of your ends into a wing and secure to the craft stick.
  5. Center the craft stick in the middle of your third pipe cleaner.
  6. Take one end and cross it over the other end and lift upwards.
  7. Lift the other end upwards.(It should look like you are going to make a knot.)
  8. Wrap each end of the pipe cleaner around the wing to create a double effect.
  9. Display in vases, floral arrangements, or in surprise spots to brighten up your friend’s day.

steps #2

Craft Sticks Projects are so much fun and there are endless possibilities.

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Tell us how you Save on Crafts, share your tips below!

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  1. Julia Kantrowski says

    I showed this to my youngest, who promptly declared we need to buy pipe cleaners. Very cool and simple crafts I can even do with my daycare kids.

  2. Christina says

    Oh, I love he bookmark idea. I’ve been thinking I should make a few with my son so we can avoid having to search for what page we’re on.

  3. says

    I had made myself a Craft Caddy, much like the one in the top picture, when I had my craft room. But, I used toilet paper tubes and covered them with contact paper, using a Dollar Store plastic plate for a bottom. I glued them together and secured them to the plate with glass glue (E9000). I was able to store paint brushes, craft sticks, etc., upright, keeping them neat & easier to find.

  4. Yvonnegt says

    Love to have these craft items onhand so whenever we have company with kids they have something to do! These ideas are simple, fun and cute!

  5. Jessica Padilla says

    The Butterfly Stick project seems like a lot of fun. Since spring is right around the corner this is the perfect project to start off with.

  6. Nadine says

    Thank you! I have so many craft sticks and have been trying to find new ways to have my preschool class use them!

  7. sarah jerome says

    this a real cool project I will have to make some of these with my grandkids.. we do arts n crafts together.. they love it… thanks for sharing..

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