Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

My New Samsung Galaxy S4 makes taking pictures easier than ever.

Samsung Galaxy s4

All opinions in this piece are my opinions from using the Samsung Galaxy S4 and I have not been paid to give certain opinions. 

I recently attended a blogging conference in Chicago and was able to see the great new changes that Samsung implemented in the Samsung Galaxy S4. I was excited and left the conference ready to get a new phone, even though my Samsung Galaxy S3 was not even 6 months old. This is not to say that something is missing specifically with the S3, it just doesn’t have the camera functions that the S4 has. I use my smartphone to take most of my pictures when blogging and find that I need something that is simple to use and takes great pictures.

All Pictures in this post have been taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

samsung galaxy 2

Upon returning from my blogging conference I was given a Samsung Glaaxy S4 and eagerly switched over everything from my S3. I was able to transfer over my text messages with the SMS Backup and Restore app in the Google Play Store.  I was able to use the S4 without much of a learning curve because things are very similar to the S3.

The thing I did notice immediately was the clarity of the screen. With a resolution of  1080 p and a screen size of 5 inches. The phone is not any larger than the S3 so you are gaining screen size without getting a bigger phone. I was not the only one that noticed the clarity of the screen but have had others comment when looking at things on my phone’s screen.

samsung galaxy 1

The major benefit to the Samsung Galaxy S4 that I have found is the superior camera. The images I take require minimal editing. In the pictures I have posted, I have rounded the corners and added the writing. There are editing options also in the Gallery that allow you to crop images, alter color, add effects, add stickers, right and more. These are great when wanting to publish pictures to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter right from your phone.

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the following features: Dual Shot , Drama Shot, Sound & Shot, 360 Photo, Animated Photo, Eraser, Night, Best Photo, Best Face, Beauty Face, HDR (High Dynamic Range), Panorama, and Sports

The one I have found to be the most fun to use  is the Panorma. You slowly scan the image while the camera puts together a panoramic shot without having to take multiple pictures and hoping you line them up correctly. It also has a handy guide that shows on your screen to tell you if you have moved too high or too low for it to stay on target with the picture.  I recently used this to capture a dinosaur exhibit that was in the dark with minimal lighting. I was able to have the whole dinosaur in one shot and didn’t have to decide which part I wanted to cut out.

Samsung Galaxy 4

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You can find out more information about the Samsung Galaxy S4 at Samsung.

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