Safeway Home Delivery Review & $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Hi! I’m Sara from Saving For Someday and I do the Safeway weekly matchups for the Arizona region here at Madame Deals. Like you, I normally do my weekly shopping based on the deals and coupon savings that will allow me to stock up and get the most for my money. So when Renae asked me if I’d be willing to do a review of I was hesitant. Could I still save money while shopping for my groceries online? I wasn’t sure, but I agreed to do my weekly shopping at and report back.

Overall, it was a great experience and I’d highly recommend it if you’re in a time crunch or if you’re needing to take advantage of Club Card deals. It is very convenient and if you don’t need to use coupon, it is very quick and easy.

Key things to know before shopping on

  1. You will need to create an account – this was easy and very quick, but I didn’t have my Club Card number handy so I had to get that from my purse.
  2. If you don’t have a Club Card the system is set up to allow you to take advantage of the Club Card deals by assigning you a virtual Club Card. Your personal Club Card is important though, because it holds the digital eCoupons you loaded.
  3. You will need your credit card handy to pay at the end – they accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and Debit Cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo. They do not accept gift cards as payment.
  4. does not accept printed manufacturer or store coupons. You can, however, use digital eCoupons such as Cellfire, Shortcuts and P&G eSaver coupons that are loaded onto your Club Card.
  5. There is a $50 minimum you need to meet, so take that into consideration when putting together your online shopping trip.

Browsing the online store was easy. You can type in what you are looking for, search by product type or browse aisle by aisle. Of course, I had my shopping list handy! Since I couldn’t use printed coupons I focused on those items I would have purchased that were on sale, had a special Club Card promo for them or had a digital coupon I could use. If there is a Club Card deal, you will be alerted to it.

I was disappointed that some of the items normally carried in my local store were not available online. That is to be expected thought, but I was still bummed because it threw off my shopping plan a little bit. Still, I ordered 54 items! I had bakery items, fresh produce, meat, dairy, as well as frozen items and a few cake mixes and other packaged grocery items.

In total, from registration to checkout it took me about 45 minutes. It was easy to see the Club Card deals and I could double check them in my cart to make sure I purchased the correct quantity before checking out – just like in the store.

When you check out you are given an estimated total. This is because it could be less if items are out of stock, produce, meat, fish or deli weighs slightly more/less than ordered and, of course, I had digital eCoupons loaded on my card to help lower my cost.

Through the checkout process you will select your order will be delivered window. I actually did not choose the next day because I was going to be out all day and didn’t want to cancel my plans. So I scheduled for Sunday when I knew I would be home. Also, I chose a 4-hour delivery window but they also have 2-hour time windows. Delivery can be scheduled between 10am and 9pm any day of the week. Deliveries are not made on holidays when the stores would normally be closed.

Keep in mind that you DO need to be home, or have someone 18 or over available to sign for the delivery. The driver will not leave the order if no one is home or if unable to get the proper signature. Keep in mind that if you are ordering alcohol someone over 21 must sign for the delivery. Also, you do not need to tip the driver.

During the designated delivery window my order was delivered. The delivery driver was neat and was wearing a shirt and driving a truck. These may not seem important but I want to be sure that the person coming to my house is legitimate. My order was bagged and the delivery driver brought them in to my home and put the bags on the table as I directed. I joked with him about putting them away and he chuckled – I’m sure he’s never heard that before!

After all the bags were in the house he gave me my receipt (printed on 8.5” x 11” standard copy paper) and specifically pointed out that no products were substituted or out of stock. When you place your order you can indicate if it is OK to substitute products. He flipped to the last page with the total. He was shocked to see that my total savings was 51%! He said that is the highest he’s ever seen in his 3 years working for

Not only did I save time because I did my order after the family was in bed, but by combining Club Card deals with digital eCoupons loaded to my Club Card I was able to save over half on my grocery purchases. Because it was my first purchase, I did not have to pay for delivery (delivery fees range from $6.95 – $12.95 depending on your location and delivery time selected). Even if I had paid for delivery my savings would have been 49%. Not too bad for shopping in my pajamas!

Do you want to try It’s easy, convenient and with just a little planning you’re sure to save money and stay on budget. If you’d like to give a try, Madame Deals readers in the delivery areas are being offered an exclusive promotion code for Free Delivery AND $7 off your 1st online order. Login to and enter the code MADAME at checkout for the additional savings.


Safeway wants top give one Madame Deals reader a $100 gift card! The gift card is good at Safeway, Vons, Dominick’s, Genuardi’s, Pavillions or Carrs.

Please leave a separate comment for each method of entry. There are three entries per person available. The winner will be drawn at random on August 28, 2010.

  1. Have you every tried out a home delivery service? Why or Why Not?
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Disclosure from Sara: sent me a gift card to compensate me for my time and thank me for reviewing the grocery delivery service. The opinions expressed here are my own and were not swayed by any compensation. Madame Deals did not require me to say anything specific but did provide me with the special code for my shopping experience.

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  1. says

    I haven’t tried a home delivery service, but I thought about it when I was just home after having my 3rd baby. It’s very convenient for people recovering from surgery.

  2. Mari says

    Thanks for the giveaway. Yes, I have used grocery delivery. I have ordered groceries for my grandparents when they were living on their own.

  3. Sharon Rooney says

    No have never tried a delivery service, I guess the reason is that I like to see my produce and meats.


  4. Amanda Y. says

    I haven’t yet because I love my paper coupons too much, but I would consider it sometime.

  5. says

    i tried a produce delivery service but wasn’t too impressed because the produce wasn’t as nice as i would’ve picked out

  6. says

    I used Safeway delivery once when I lived in So Cal – it was definitely a great deal during a time I was super busy. I haven’t used it since moving up here, but may think about revisiting it now that I have an 18 MO and going to the store is a challenge sometimes!

  7. says

    I’ve done Safeway home delivery, and it is convenient. I especially loved it when I was in an apartment and had to bring my groceries up 3 flights of stairs.

  8. says

    I’ve never tried a home delivery service. I have a grocery store 1/2 a block away so I don’t figure I probably ever will. 🙂

  9. SenoraSmith says

    Unfortunately, I have not had the good fortune of trying home delivery. With two very energetic (but very adorable) boys, I often dread the grocery store and use candy too often as a reward for behavior while we’re there. I’m working full-time now 30 minutes from our home so this would probably be a great thing to try…please enter me in the contest! Mil gracias!

  10. Suburban Prep says

    I have not tried delivery. I usually want to pick out my own produce. I would be willing to try right now though because of a recent stay in the hospital and then I do not have to go grocery shopping.

  11. Carla Pullum says

    Actually I haven’t I enjoy coupon shopping and getting a break from home! This is my me time!

  12. Brianna says

    I have never tried home delievery. Wouldn’t be opposed to it but until now I guess I have been hesitant to because of perishable/frozen items. And also the fact of possibly not being home for the delivery.

  13. Jessie C. says

    I used home delivery once when the store offers free delivery and online coupon codes to make a great deal.

  14. says

    My mom has used before and has been happy with their service. I’ve never tried it before because I’m always on the lookout for clearance items and I use a ton of coupons.

  15. Jessica says

    I have never tried home delivery mostly because I like to pick some items on the spot. Kind of hey that’s a good deal and I have a coupon for it lol


  16. Diana B says

    I’ve never tried because I don’t seem to live close enough to a store that does it but I’d pass this on to my mother who does live within delivery distance.

  17. Carrie says

    I have never tried home delivery. The thought never occured to me to try. I do know that my grandmother uses home delivery from Safeway and it has helped her a ton.

  18. Christina says

    I have never tried Home Delivery. I really would like to, but I am leary of having someone else pick out my groceries. Especially my produce!

  19. Mandala says

    I have not tried it because I live near Safeway (about a mile) and I walk to exercise. However I think this will be very convenient during the winter time since it gets below 50 here in Alaska.

  20. Stephanie G says

    I haven’t ever tried home delivery service because I’m always afraid it’s going to be too expensive, or that I won’t be able to use coupons or make the minimum purchase requirement.

  21. says

    I’ve never tried b/c I’m always afraid I wont’ get the best deals/coupons/sale price if I can’t do comparison shopping

  22. Deanna G. says

    I never have because my Safeway is just 5 minutes from my house and I have no problem gettin’ over there when I need some groceries.

  23. Laura K says

    I have not tried the service, because in my mind it is just too expensive…but it sure beats shopping after the kids go to bed, so I just might try it…

  24. ashley says

    I have never done home delivery, because it has never been offered in the areas I have lived.

  25. says

    I’ve never tried a home delivery service for groceries. I have a small family and I generally have time to hit the grocery store on a regular basis. I do think the home delivery service could be very useful in certain situations though.

  26. Debbie Bellows says

    i haven’t tried a home delivery service – sounds wonderful but never available in my area!

  27. Susan B says

    I have tried two grocery delivery services. There were two problems with the deliveries, in my experiences. One was that the deliveries did not contain all the items I had ordered. The second was that the delivery did not arrive on time. It arrived quite late and threw off my plans. However, the items that did arrive were in good condition, with both services. It sounds as though your experience was better, though, so perhaps setup works better than the ones I tried.