Rite Aid Rolling Rewards 11/17/13

Rite Aid Rolling Rewards Scenarios for the week of 11/17/13.

Use these Rite Aid Rolling Rewards Scenarios to roll your Rite-Aid +Up Rewards each week into other deals and pay less out of pocket!


 Wiz Clipz coupons that are available for these transactions are linked below for your convenience.   If you do not need the products from these Rite Aid Rolling Rewards Scenarios consider donating them to a nursing home or food bank.

NOTE: You cannot roll your +Up rewards into another transaction on the same day. You must wait until after 6 am the next day.

Transaction #1:

Wet n’ Wild Cosmetics 40% off/*Prices start at 99¢ ($0.59 ea+)Colgate Advanced/Total Toothpaste SALE-$2.99; Earn $2 +Up reward
-use $1/1 Wet n Wild, Fergie or gift set product from RP 11/17
-use $1/1 Colgate Total coupon from 11/10 SS

Out of Pocket: $2.58
Earn:$2 UP
FINAL PRICE: $0.58 after + Up reward + coupon


Transaction #2:

Halls Cough Drops 17-30 ct SALE-2/$3.00 (limit 4)

-use $1/2 Halls 17ct+ from 10/6SS

use $2 +Up Reward from transaction #1

Out of Pocket: $0

Earn: $2 +Up Reward
FINAL PRICE: FREE after +Up Reward + coupon

Transaction #3:
Buy Xtra Detergent 39-50 loads SALE-$1.97
Buy (4) 7UP/Diet 7UP 2L SALE-4/$4 Limit 2
-use (2) $0.55/2 Soda 2-liter 7UP, A&W, Canada Dry, Sun Drop or Sunkist exp. 12/31/13 (SS 11/17/13)
-use $2.00 Up Reward from transaction #2
Out of Pocket: $2.87
Earn: $1+UP
FINAL PRICE: $1.87 after +Up Reward + coupon

NOTE Wiz Clipz also has $.75/1 2 liter 7Up, A&W, Canada Dry, Sun Drop or Sunkist.  Using this coupon would make your out of pocket significantly lower!

Using scenarios to help organize your transactions makes the moments in the store go much smoother.  Children, a cranky cashier, and or other customers are not as likely to rattle your nerves when you go prepared with Rite Aid Rolling Rewards scenarios!

Get your coupons through the mail:  Insert Insanity or Wiz Clipz.  See CVS Rolling Reward scenarios 11/17/13,  Real Deals, and Walgreens Rolling Reward Scenarios 11/17/13.

REMEMBER that the Rite Aid Rolling Rewards Scenarios have to be done on different days!

 Thank you to Divine Savings for these Rite Aid Rolling Rewards scenarios.

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