Rite Aid Real Deal 11/21

Rite Aid Real Deal

Rite Aid Real Deals are frequently found when putting a coupon with a sale and store rewards!


This trip I did not find any of the store rewards items in stock!? When questioned, the manager offered to allow me to roll my rewards (even if they expired) on the out of stock deal as long as I got a rain check.  Ask before your rewards expire and get rainchecks!!

Still looking for a real deal, I did find Muscle Milk bars, regularly priced $1.79 on an unadvertised sale for .89.  Savings of 50% We used rewards on the total and only paid $.12 plus tax for a total of $.76.  The value of the products was over $14!!

When using Rite Aid rewards know that you can not use them to pay for tax and they are not valid the day you receive them.

If you want a items similar to this but don’t find this real deal in your store, make your own healthy snacks:  cereal protein bars, smile fruit,  or get Jelly Belly sports variety!

Look for a Rite Aid real deal in the rolling rewards scenarios!

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