Rite Aid: Moneymaker Trip

Free plus Made $7

Free plus Made $7

I just made a trip to Rite Aid for some of the freebies this week. I used a $5/$25 coupon and I had (2) $1 Simply Saline coupons. So, after SCR I will make $7 on this purchase! I also reached my $100 for the Fall Gift of Savings. This means that I will get a $20 Rite Aid Gift Certificate. It has been a great month for me at Rite Aid! I have bought diapers, Johnson baby products and ¬†all of the above. In the end, I actually got paid to “take” over $100 of items home with me! Awesome!

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  1. Adrienne says

    Man, I LOVED this Rite Aid week! My mom AND sister are sick, so I was also able to get them the medicine they need for FREE!

    There was a mother – daughter team buying their free items at the same time and it was like a race to find the items in case they were the last ones… until we realized that Rite Aid had a whole seperate shelf set up for all of the FREE deals! This is the first time I’ve seen Rite Aid so prepared for their great deals, so I immediately made nice and went to tell the other team that there was a whole stash of supplies up front. I hope they keep it up, as that was my ONLY complaint about Rite Aid, the fact that they would so quickly run out of the advertised deals.

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