Rite Aid March Video Values List

Here’s a sneak peak at Rite Aid’s December Video Values List

The March Video Values offers go live this weekend and will remain up through March 31 (coupons expire 4/14/12). The full video offer list thus far is below, although there may be a few more offers to come. In all, the February program has more than 60 videos worth more than $110 in savings. And don’t forget, the window to print January’s Video Values closes Saturday. For more on Video Values at Rite Aid or other ways to save, check out here.

The Single Check Rebate guide for March will be hitting stores soon and, unless otherwise noted, be valid from Wednesday through SCRENDDATE. Up to $200 worth of rebates on items including beauty products, over-the-counter medications, household items, food offers, healthcare products and personal care items. See the full list of featured products at bottom, although please note there could be minor changes to this list as compared to the final guide hitting stores in coming days.

March Video Values List

$6.00 off Prevacid 24hr 42ct
$5.00 off when you buy One John Frieda Full Repair Styling Item and One John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo or Conditioner Item Together
$5.00 off Lipoflavinoid Plus 100ct
$5.00 off any L’Oreal Youth Code Item
$4.00 off Bioglan Super Fish Oil 100ct
$3.00 off Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste
$3.00 off Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothbrush
$3.00 off Colgate Optic White Toothbrush
$3.00 off any Two John Frieda Root Awakening Item
$3.00 off any John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Item
$3.00 Nature Made Vitamin D
$3.00 Nature Made Sleep Aid
$2.00 off Three American Greetings Single Cards
$2.00 off Simple Skin Care Moisturizers 4.2oz or Soothing Eyel Balm 5oz
$2.00 off Salonpas
$2.00 off Prevagen 30ct
$2.00 off MidNite or NatuRelief
$2.00 off L’Oreal Excellence Hair Color
$2.00 off Gas-X
$10.00 off Conair i-Stubble Trimmer
$10.00 off Conair Infiniti Pro Hot Air Spin Styler
$1.50 off Polident Denture Cleanser 78ct or Larger
$1.50 off any Super Poligrip Adhesive 2.2oz, 2.4 oz, 1.6 OZ Powder, or 40 Ct Strips
$1.50 Off Almay Smart Shade Primer
$1.00 off Zyrtec
$1.00 off Unisom Sleep Aids
$1.00 off Two Oreos
$1.00 off Street King Energy Shots
$1.00 off Simple Skin Care Facial Wipes 25ct, Facial Wash 5oz, or Facial Scrub 5oz
$1.00 off select vitafusion items (MultiVite Adult Gummies, Power C Adult Gummies, Calcium Adult Gummies, or Vitamin D3 Gummy Vitamins)
$1.00 off Quick Dock .5mm and .7mm pencils
$1.00 off Neutrogena Acne Items
$1.00 off L’Oreal Everstyle Styling Items
$1.00 off L’Oreal Ever Crème Shampoo or Conditioner
$1.00 off Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion, Bath, or Wash 6-16oz
$1.00 off Hot Chocolate 8 Pkt Organizing Folder, Simply Chic Ideal Book, or Whimsical Flower Binder
$1.00 off GoodNites
$1.00 off Arm & Hammer Toothpaste
$1.00 Off any Tums Antacid Tablets
$1.00 off any Suave Professional Keratin Infusion product
$1.00 off any Breathe Right Nasal Strip
$1.00 Off Almay Intense I-Color Shadow Sticks
$1.00 Off Almay Intense I-Color Shadow Kits (Smokey, Satin & Shimmer)
$1 Off Phillips Colon Health
$1 Off One A Day Vitamins
$1 Off Citracal
$1 OFF Bayer Aspirin
$1 OFF Aleve
$0.50 Off when you buy 1 Irish Spring Anitpersperant Deodorant and 1 Irish Spring Bar or Bodywash Together
$0.50 off two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
$0.50 off Two Kit Kat Bars
$0.50 off two Cadbury Cream Eggs
$0.50 off Energel Stick 2pk med or fine
$0.50 off Duck Brand Duct Tape or Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape
$0.50 off “5” Single Serve Gum
$0.30 off Libby’s Fruit
$0.25 off Lucky Charms 11.5oz
$0.10 off of Welchs 64oz or 14oz Grape Juice

Products featured in Rite Aid’s Single Check Rebate guide for March
Almay: Any Almay Cosmetic
Brita: Classic Pitcher, Replacement Filters, 3-pack
c.booth derma: 6 in 1 Wonder Cream, 1.7 oz., Deep Wrinkle Filler, 0.7 oz.
Crest/Oral-B: Crest Pro-Health Rinse, 1 Liter, Crest 3D Rinse, 473ml, Oral-B Complete Fresh Scope Scented or 3D Vivid Manual Toothbrush, 2 ct. Rebate only valid 3/4/12 – 3/10/12.
Dentek: Easy Angle Floss Picks or Flossers
Diabeti-Derm: Foot Cream, 4 oz., Heal & Toe Cream, 4 oz., Anti-Fungal, 1.5 oz.
eclos Anti-Aging: Forehead &Crows Foot Cream, 1.7 oz., Age Spot Treatment, .5 oz., Dark Circle Eye Cream, .5 oz.
eclos Anti-Aging: Intense Moisture Hydrating Mask, 5 oz.
Ensure: Ensure Product
Glucerna Hunger Smart: Shake, 4 ct., Bars, 4 ct. Assorted Flavors. Selection may vary by store.
GUM: Eez-Thru Flossers, 150 ct., Go-Between Cleaners, 8 ct., Soft Picks, 40 ct., Value Pack Toothbrushes, 2 ct., Crayola Toothbrush, 1 ct., Floss Threaders, 25 ct., GUM Crayola Timer Light Toothbrush
Kraft/Nabisco: Oreos
Oreos – to celebrate 100th birthday
Revlon Beauty Tools: Revlon Beauty Tools
Revlon ColorSilk Haircolor: Any shade
Rite Aid Tugaboos: Baby Wipes, 360 ct.
Rite Aid Tugaboos: Jumbo Pack Training Pants or Overnites
Rite Aid Tugaboos: Jumbo Pack Training Pants, Overnights
Tugaboos Jumbo Pack Training Pants, Overnights
Zyrtec or Benadryl Allergy Products

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