Rising Cities: FREE City Building Game!


If you love playing Facebook games, you will love Rising Cities!

In Rising Cities, the new free game for your browser, it’s all about power, finances, strategy and urban development. Get a city started and turn it into a metropolis – all for free! Rising Cities lets you prove your skills as a sharp strategist and manager.

It’s a long way to the top. Only with proper planning, good resource management, and a focus on the well-being of your citizens will your city thrive. Create living spaces for your citizens, collect rent and develop power plants, infrastructure, and other buildings that are necessary to make your city grow.

Just like a real a city, your metropolis will need heaps of resources and energy to run properly. Develop industrial buildings to produce different goods. Use those goods to continue to build your metropolis or trade with other players in the market place.

Be sure to balance the things your citizens want and the things your city needs. The citizens of Rising Cities don’t want to live in a bleak, boring landscape. Stay in tune with the needs of your city slickers to win their favor and keep your pockets full!

Build the most successful thriving metropolis of all!

I just downloaded Rising Cities and is super fun to play!

Want to play Rising Cities for yourself? Click the image above to play for FREE!

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