Reviver Pets Products and Party

Reviver Pets Party and Review

reviver pets 1 When I was in Chicago at the end of July, I had the opportunity to attend the Reviver Pets Charity Event to support PAWS of Chicago. Since I am a huge animal lover, I was excited to attend and meet the infamous Instagram stars Nala and Tuna. Guests were invited to bring their pets and PAWS had several dogs present at the event. Reviver Pets

Reviver Pets are a reusable “DRY” pet swipe that freshens up your pets with each swipe. Unlike traditional pet wipes these can be reused over and over before you have to toss them. They also make different ones for dogs,cats and even people. Yes, I tried them on my husband who smokes and it helped cover up the smoke scent that was lingering on his clothes. These swipes remind me of miniature fabric softeners but are 100% Non-Toxic and Made in the U.S.A.

They slip on your two fingers then you take the swipe and wipe down your dog,cat or husband.

Reivier Pets 3

Next time your dog or cat is carrying around unwanted odors reach for Reviver Pets and eliminate unwanted odors. Leave your pet smelling fresh and ready to tackle the day. I guarantee you will like the fresh scent so much that you will find yourself swiping them as often as possible. Don’t be shy and swip eyour husband and kids also. Tell them I gave you permission. The swipes are small and convenient that you can even throw them in your purse or luggage and carry them with you stay fresh even on the go.

Reviver Pets are sold currently in Petco Stores or online at and only cost $2.99 each.

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