Totsy Review and SALE

Totsy Review

Wow! I have been a totsy customer for two years now. I decided to would give you my opinion in my Totsy Review. This is what you need to know about totsy is you will get good deals at a great price. You will need to check daily since the deals change and sell out. I check in the morning. We write up the best deals on my site and then I usually go pick up a thing are two. I can say the best things that we have received so far have been the adorable girl dresses and kid’s toys.

I did buy a ton of holiday gifts on totsy and since I shop ahead I was able to pick up some awesome deals on summer clothes. I spent $7.00 on outfits instead of $20.00. I was thrilled. The only thing that is difficult is waiting to receive the items because you are so excited to receive them. I have been very pleased with the quality of the items I have ordered. I am thrilled with the new sale that is going on. The items are adorable

totsy review

Sale dates: Monday 3/4/13 – Friday 3/8/13

The Stephen Joseph sales has the cutest rain gear and and purses and lunch boxes. These are perfect for gifts or for summer camp. I am grabbing a couple of purses for my nieces they are toddlers and in love with bright  happy colors. I would hurry up and take advantage this sale ends soon.  March 7th SHOP at TOTSY  <—–

 totsy review

sale dates: Thursday 3/7/13 – Monday 3/11/13
Then they are having this wonderful sale on the sock monkey line we can all remember this awesome character from our childhood. You can grab some great toys, apparel, accessories,  and blankets this is perfect for spring babies!

Totsy sale

Totsy Review

The only question is how fast can you grab their awesome items. You do not have time t0 wait because what you want and need may be gone! HURRY to the totsy sale!

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  1. Betty prince says

    I was finally able to post my comment! Yay! I think I will now become a totsy addict lol! Thank you for introducing me to the site!!!

  2. Trish says

    I have been a totsy member for a little over a year now ordered some great boots from them, I absolutely love them, love looking at all their great deals!

  3. Rayel says

    I think this is an interesting site. They seem to have great deals. I may just have to spend more time on there.

  4. brittany bosarge says

    I have been a totsy member for a while but have never placed an order…might have to soon! 🙂

  5. Deb says

    I love Totsy! I definitely did some holiday shopping and this year decided I will do even more. Just be sure to order early. I got everything in time, but I know some others weren’t as lucky!

  6. nichole cicero says

    Ive been a totsy member for about a year… I love all the deals you can find here. Especially the shoe deals and the scribble mats!

  7. says

    I enjoyed Totsy before, but since adding 6 year old twins to our family over Christmas, my level of enjoyment has moved up into the LOVE zone. When we got the twins, we didn’t have any clothes or toys for them, so Totsy has definitely been my friend! Now it’s time to start searching for summer clothes for them (even though we just got 8 inches of snow last night!) Summer will be here before we know it (or at least that’s what I’m hoping!) 🙂

  8. Marenah R says

    I have been a Totsy member for a couple years now, but you have to be careful because you can pick out an item and check out only to be told a few days later that the item is out of stock. Otherwise, I love the site

  9. Betty Prince says

    I could not find a place to comment on the contest page for the $50 Totsy credit so I am assuming I am supposed to comment here?
    I created an account!
    I am now following totsy on Pinterest! A link to my Pinterest is !
    I love the sun art kits they have available in the tedeco toys section! My kids would LOVE these!!!

  10. desiree says

    i a on there and been on theer for while well i like the stuff they got and then i have bd coming up and then other gift woudl go for family

  11. Jackeline says

    I LOVE Totsy! My favorite item right now is the “Flower” 24 by 40 Peel and stick headboard. It’s gorgeous!!

  12. Denise L says

    Right now, they have a sale on i play swimwear. My little guy could totally use one of their rashguards!

  13. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh I love the Sock Monkey sale! They have the cutest Sock Monkey Shirt Tee Short Set! Carter would look so cute in that this spring/summer!

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