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Review Part 2

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Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to review, a place where you can purchase discount gift cards and sell your unwanted ones. I decided to use this website to sell a $25 gift card for Bath & Body Works that had been collecting dust in my purse for over a year.

As I mentioned in the first part of my review, the online transaction was easy to complete and only took a few minutes. The following day, I went to the post office and mailed my gift card to, and as suggested in the site’s “How it Works” section, I mailed it via First Class Mail with tracking. Two days later, I received an email notifying me that had received my gift card, and the following day I was notified by another email that they had mailed me a check for $17. I was told to expect the check within 5-8 business days. Five days later, the check was in my mailbox!

Buy and Sell Discount Gift Cards at

I would definitely use again, and I recommend this service to our readers. The website was very easy to use, the transaction was smooth and quick, and I received payment promptly. This is an awesome way to make some extra cash and to find great discount gift cards! Go see for yourself – check out today!

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    • Sharon says

      Thanks, Sherry! My husband was skeptical, but I was really pleased with the whole thing. I’d definitely use it again. :)

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