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You know that one gift card at the bottom of your purse? The one you got a year ago and still can’t figure out what to buy with it? Me too. I’ve been walking around with a $25 gift card from Bath & Body Works for over a year. I love that store, but each time I’ve gone to spend my gift card, nothing really seems to catch my eye – so back in the bottom of the purse it goes.

discount gift cards

That’s why I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to review, a gift card exchange program. You can either purchase discount gift cards (up to 30% off!) or sell your unwanted gift cards. Both options are great deals and really easy to use.

Buy Discount Gift Cards

First I started by browsing the discount gift cards. The gift cards are divided into categories, including clothing & shoes, children & toys, restaurants & grocery, automotive & gas, and more. Next to each available gift card, the discount is listed. For example, today you can save 20% on a Gymboree Merchandise Credit (works the same as a gift card), 10% at DSW, and 12% at Cheesecake Factory.

discount gift cards

Next, you can click on the gift card to learn more specifics about the item. There are 3 Gymboree Merchandise Credits, each for a different value. One of these is a store credit worth  $139.68, which you can purchase for just $111.64 (a savings of 20%). There are 5 gift cards available for DSW, with values ranging from $25 – $197.02. Each of these can be purchased at a 10% discount, meaning that you can buy a $40 gift card for $36. And there is one $50 gift card for Cheesecake Factor, which can be purchased for $44, a 12% savings. These are just a few examples of the discounted gift cards that are available for purchase. There are hundreds of options to choose from.

Once you decide what to buy, simply select your item and proceed to checkout. Once your payment is received, will mail you your gift card within two business days via USPS first class mail. Shipping is FREE.

Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards

Now, back to that Bath & Body Works gift card at the bottom of my purse. I decided that it was time to sell it, especially since I saw that I could get up to 90% cash back for it! First I selected the “Sell Gift Cards” option and typed “Bath & Body Works” into the “Merchant” box. I selected the store in a drop down menu, entered the face value of the card, and clicked on “View Offers.” I saw that I could receive $17 in cash or $17.85 in an Amazon Gift Card, which was around 70% of the card’s value. Not too shabby, since the only value the card had at the bottom of my purse was sticking to half-eaten lollipops.

I decided to go for it and completed the simple transaction. Unfortunately, when I received my confirmation email, I realized that I’d accidentally sold a gift card for Bed, Bath, & Beyond – not Bath & Body Works! I needed this fixed ASAP! The “Contact Us” page recommended contacting by email – however, since I needed to have my order cancelled right away, I contacted them by telephone. It took me several attempts to reach a customer service representative, but once I finally got someone on the phone, he was courteous and helpful, and he resolved my mistake right away by cancelling my transaction. I went back on the website and completed a sale for the correct gift card this time – again, a quick and easy process with minimal personal information required.

discount gift cards

The next step was to mail my gift card to the address provided in my order summary. recommends that you mail the gift card in a sturdy envelope via first class mail with tracking. You also need to include your order reference number on the envelope.

Once receives my gift card, they will verify its value and then send me a check within two business days. According to the website, I should expect to receive my check via USPS first class mail within 5 – 8 business days after mailing.

discount gift cards

This website is very simple to use and has some great deals for savvy shoppers! I will update you when I receive the payment for my gift card – but so far so good!

Please visit for complete terms and conditions.


This is a paid post. However, the opinions expressed in this review are mine and have not been influenced by Madame Deals, Inc.,, or by any form of compensation.

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