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If you didn’t read the post you can it is Your Child is Obese and It is Your Fault. I sure plucked some nerves. I didn’t address some children have weight problems because of health. That is true. That isn’t who I speaking about. That isn’t the majority. I could google it but let’s say that is 5% of the population for argument’s sake. The rest of the weight problems are attributed to food choices and lack of exercise. I think I hit a nerve because several of you struggle with weight. The question is why? You know the facts. You know the equation but you struggle. I think you struggle because you do not place the proper value on your importance. If you did the extra validation of a treat wouldn’t be as important as making sure you were healthy for yourself.

I am know for being blunt in real life. I am usually not so blunt online but truly seeing all those obese children broke my heart. I just couldn’t understand why a parent wouldn’t do something about it. I got called all sorts of things on Facebook and had several people wrote  nasty messages. Good for you maybe I made you so mad that you see what others aren’t willing to say. I am willing to say I judge parents. I do and I did as a teacher. I judged the parent who sent their kids to school after giving them a soda and a snowball and then told me I need to help them learn. They were setting their child up to fail. I can’t sit still after having a soda and a snowball. This wasn’t ADD this was sugar.  I responded back in a harsh way to your comments because you were still making excuses. I wanted to tick you off. Yup, I did. Why? Well sometime anger works to motivate. I believe as a country we are to easy on people. We “baby” them. What has that gotten us but a huge number of overweight people? We offer commercials, print ads, education and different events to promote healthy living. You need to get “it”. You need to understand that as a parent you are the role model and excuses aren’t going to fix the problem. We all have them.  We all also have the answers to resolve this issue. I am going to offer some of my own examples. I was on the opposite end of the spectrum I was skinny but not healthy. I recognized the issue and addressed it.

child obesity


WATCH the VIDEO at the End of this post

I was told to offer advice on how to fix this issue instead of challenging your excuses. These are my examples of how to end childhood obesity.

1) Go to a doctor and determine if this is a medical condition. Let them tell you the implications for the future if your child isn’t given the help they need. It may shock you or scare you but at least it will inform you.

2) Empty all the crap out of your house. Purge! Leave one package of whatever and when it is gone it is. I do not care what you spent on the food. It isn’t money well spent it isn’t good for you. I mean honestly someone told me they do not have time to see if their kids had 13 cookies. Really? Get off the internet long enough to make portioned controlled amounts if your kid over indulges. Help set limits. This is your job to set limits for your kid.

3) Meal plan take out a calendar and figure out your schedule. Then look at the sales flyer and figure out what you can make around your schedule and your budget. I buy chicken when it is on sale and other meat and just pair them with on sale veggies or veggies I picked up at the farmer’s market. If you have an issue trying to figure out what to make for an affordable price I would like to suggest my friend Erin’s cookbook. The $5 dinner mom. I find a lot of great things in there. They are usually pretty close to $5-$7 for a family of 5. Yes, that is less than a supersized meal for one. It isn’t easier but it is cheaper. Request it at the library. I organize a freezer cooking food swap. I make multiples of the same meal and swap them. I would find a couple of friends and eat healthy together. It is cheaper and easier. I spend 5 hours and cook 20 meals for month.

4) I have a whole site on slow cooker recipes that you can make ahead and freeze. These are some of my favorite people ask me to make them the lemon chicken all the time. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and freeze. You can make these ahead and freeze them. Freezer to Crockpot Meals

freezer meals

Soups that Freeze Well

I also love these soups that freeze well

5) Make a goal. Not a weight goal but an exercise goal. I do not care if it is not taking elevator or if it is walking the stairs for five minutes and then ten. I challenged myself to this thing below it sucked. However, it worked I found a couple of friends on facebook and we did it together. I say do it if it takes all day. Just do it! Do not quit on yourself! How about this. I will do this again with you. We can start today. I mean there is no time like the presence and I could use some motivation myself. The best part is you can do this on your own.


6) Write your goal down and place it where you look. It can be on the cabinet on your cellphone. Offer yourself a reward that isn’t food. If I go to the gym I get to read my book for 30 minutes. Yes, I love to read so it motivates me and so does have the 30 minutes alone.

7) Have a consequence for not following your goal. It could be ten jumping jacks or walk around the block.

8) Take pictures of yourself daily. That way you can see the change. You can see Karla’s journey. I told her to get her “shit” together because I wanted her around. Well, now I see less of her. 80 lbs less. Yes, you read right. She lost 80 lbs. She started her journey with Advocare which I sell and bought her. You can see her results and other peoples results. Advocare Results. It helps you the first 24 days to get yourself in order if you follow it and learn from it you will be well on your way. You can buy yours now Advocare 24 day challenge.

advocare 24 day



9) No, you do not need a fancy plan. Just make healthy portioned control choices and exercise. I go to the gym and just try whatever class. I am not able to actually do them all but I keep moving. The key is to keep moving. Do this as a family do not single out your child. We could all use a little more exercise and better food choices.

10) Every time you make an excuse validate that it is an excuse and move on. Get up and get going being on social media and the internet and reading about what to do isn’t going to actually impact you. You need to make the choice. Stop being afraid of failure and just do it!

Watch this video and see what I mean






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  1. alena svetelska says

    my daughter is 6 y old ,99lbs and 4ft and 5 inches..she is little chuby..she eat healthy and diet and excercise,but due to facts she is on steroids for her bad astma,she has been gaining quickly,so we stop giving her steroids for her lungs infections and her weight stopped too,so we know what cause this.Dr isnt concern he said we keep her on same weight till next year check up and she will outgrew from it.Not every every gain weight is our fault,just saying.

    • Amee says

      I agree but most of the kids aren’t heavy because of medical reasons. They are overweight because of poor choices.

    • Amee says

      Nope, just offering an option. I make enough. I blog and run three businesses full-time. I just saw how it worked for my friends and myself. I did the cleanse which was hard but worth it. I also use the spark daily and the meal replacement shakes when I travel for work. I think some people do better with a program. Rachelle is doing Nutrisystem and she is down 16lbs. I do not need extra money I have enough. You can read my post on why that is and what I did with my money. I do however use my extra money to do some really cool things for others. If you followed my site on a regular basis you would know that. search pay it forward Friday or the $100 story. I am also the blogger who organized 50+ bloggers to buy backpacks for kids in need.. so you do not know what you do not know.

      • Tara says

        If you don’t need money because you have enough, why don’t you just talk about products that work even if theres nothing in it for you? Almost every post on this blog is a sponsored post. there is almost nothing but ads and affiliate links. that’s the real reason you have enough money

        • Amee says

          Tara- instead of leaving nasty comments on websites do something positive. I work that is why I have enough money. I have a husband that works. We make choices to not spend what we earn and we save it. We drive used cars and live in a house we bought with the income we earned 10 years ago. We rarely eat out and we do activities that are usually free. I have money because I do not waste it. The website is part of my business. You can say what you wish if you read my post there is an air conditioner I just donated to a single mom in need. It would have cost her $500+ money she doesn’t have if it wasn’t for my hard work on this site and my others I would not have been offered the opportunity to work for the brand. I could have kept the product but I wanted to help others. You can search my site for pay it fowards and my $100 story. I do a lot for people in need. What I do not do is spend my time being nasty to just be nasty. You can read more about how
          I have money this August on

    • Tara says

      i agree. supposed to be about kids and you are recommending a bunch of chemical crap from a fad diet..advocare? How much will you earn when people sign up for that? That’s clearly all you care about it.

      • Karla says

        Let me chime in about Advocare. Advocare is not a fad diet, it is a line of products developed to aid and assist in promoting optimum health. I took the 24 day Advocare challenge and lost 15 pounds. Those 15 pounds were the catapult that started my weight loss journey. Fad diets deprive you of certain foods and make you miserable. I was not hungry, ate real food and not once did I feel miserable. By following Advocare’s plans I was able to actually eat more; real food and not processed crap. After the 24 days I had the tools and the desire (because of the success) to continue. To date I have lost 82 pounds, something I have never been able to do. Yes, the Advocare costs money…money I did not have. Amee bought the product and gave it to me because she cares about me and wanted to help make a positive difference in my life. When I reached 50 pounds she took me out for a healthy dinner and shopping for some new clothes. We are now planning an evening out to celebrate 80 pounds. We all work to earn money, that’s a given. It’s what you do with your money and how you treat and help people that make a difference. I suggest you browse this site and see just how much good Amee does for folks who need assistance.

  2. Brooke says

    This article was written MUCH better than the first one. Not nearly as condescending. The issue I have is that its a horse that has been beat to death. I truly believe that 95% of parents absolutely DO care and do try to do everything in their power. I also believe many who do have overweight children are actively trying to combat the problem. You’re assuming that the reason is mostly laziness, others want to challenge you that its a health condition, when really there are SO many reasons why a child may be struggling besides just those two. Trust me when I tell you that parents who care DO get the message, they got the message the first 100 times it was beat into their brains and they’re TRYING. But, unfortunately, there are also parents who simply don’t care or simply CAN’T care, as terrible as it is. We have parents struggling with working 3 jobs just to keep a roof over their child’s head, parents dealing with mental health disorders, or even those very few that simply just don’t give a damn. I’m extremely proud of my family’s health, but I also realize how much effort it takes to keep things this way. I go to the market every single day to ensure that we have the freshest food available, I spend a big chunk of time preparing meals, we spend an even bigger chunk of time enjoying the outdoors and being active. I also realize how lucky I am to have the ability to live this way. My husband provides very well for us and I’m afforded the time and money to have this life. A single mom working 3 part-time jobs? She’s doing the best she can. She doesn’t have $25 to spend on fresh dinner every night, $4 frozen lasagna may be all she can afford. Sure, she could get *some* fresh foods on a tight budget…..but when would she cook? An even bigger question to ask……..when do her and her child get the “free time” to run it off? He may be stuck at daycare for 15 hours a day. It sucks. Its a sad world we’re living in today when these “excuses” are legitimate reasons for obesity. I just beg you to see that its not so black and white. And I believe that those of us who have the means to live the way we do, should really learn some humility and picture ourselves in their shoes. We have voices to inspire societal change, you don’t need to stoop to bully status.

  3. Tara says

    I think the problem most people had with your post was how rudely you stated it, and how self-righteous you were about it. I am a fellow blogger and have been in blogging groups with you and I truly never realized what a mean-spirited and self-righteous person you are. Newsflash: You really are not perfect. I know that will be hard for you to digest, but it’s true. Every thing you posted on that other post and all your comments just screamed that your perfect and everyone else sucks. and that is just mean. I really can’t imagine anyone claiming to be a christian but being so mean. there is a difference between being blunt and telling it like it is and just being a plain old mean bully, and that is what you are being to people both in your posts and in the comments.

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